Free tarot oracle card readings

Hello everyone.

I have new oracle cards. I use the Raider Waite tarot cards too. I offer 3 free Readings. Where I pick three cards, one from each deck.
I will type out the meaning from the textbook and add my own intuitive feeling if I feel or am told that I should. :dragon::rose:

In the Honor and as offering to Sargatanas.


I would like a general reading pls

:wave::wave: I would love one

I think I have read for you! (Not here.)
You asked about sargatanas. If I am not completely crazy

The other day.

A general one for me too. Muito obrigado.

Ahh guys, why only general ones??:joy::sob:

But ok ok. I like specific questions since its obly 3 cards

I’d like to see if you can pick up on my direction I’m going with

Ah well, I could do with some specificity on the love life aspects…


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We spoke about it. But not in THIS forum. I am sorry I cant do it every time. Especially if I already told you what I saw. You are not satisfied with the answer but I will get the same results.

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ok no problem! Something I am wondering now is about my final studies, a forecast of how I will do and if I will pass all my subjects and be able to move on to the next year!


I would indeed love one I could use it actually

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It’s more of a personal question though. It’s not medical or anything it’s just something I’d rather not share openly with a public thread like this.


I hope I do. But I def want to practice this skill…

I saw death energy (as a first impression). Also felt a bit drained. Interesting on this first card I picked is a graveyard;
On the card is a person walking through a graveyard while it‘s raining.
I cant take pictures, because my camera is shit. Ok,
Let‘s go.


„This is about personal responsibility and release of blame.
It is time to clear the debris and move on. You can not move on while you continue to hide.“

„This indicates healing family or origin issues. Am I ready to face my past and let go?“

Key ideas: Release, dwelling on past, change in consciousness, hidden truth, discovery


„Logical thinking or reason, using your mind to consider the next right action. Now is the time to think before you act. You are blessed with a wondrous mind and imagination. Your ability to community is heightened. This is also the moment to have reasonable conversations and make calculated decisions“

Everytime I pick this card, I get a serious manifestation. So, I guess, you have one coming in soon.

But also the other Interpretations might resonate.


Keywords: restriction; incapacitated; entrapment

Hm, the Order confused me a bit, first there is release, a manifestation coming, but in the end there is another restriction.
It seems that its a new issue though, and not related to anything from before even though it might feel like it at first.
Also it feels like an influence coming from others, others wanting to have a say and trying to trap you in their conversations/opinions/ideas (Highpriestess of air).
It may lead you to change many things in your life to break away, be the most authentic self, and try new things. Your mind is the key.

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You can ask me pm


First advice would be to practice patience when it comes to matters of the heart.
„Now its not the time to make a rushed decision. You have made your needs known, now leave it alone. You may block something wonderful from coming to you by acting hasty.“
Keywords: Scarcity-thinking, Unfolding, revelation, success.


Keywords: inner strength; patience; courage

I‘d say you have a lot to give and want to prove yourself,
and are very strict with yourself,
having high standards for yourself and others.

Again, it advises you to have patience and not rush things.

Tame your inner beast (for a bit). I‘d say, this applies to a general question and to love. Its not the time to go „savage mode“ or be all over the place, outgoing and wild.
Even though the new person/chance will come to you naturally, and effortlessly, at some point courage will be needed.
And dedication.To get what/who you truly want.


„Its hard to see your next step and its easy to give in to the fear that there will ever be light again. Take one step toward your dream. Have hope, and only good will come from it“
Obviously you have been through some shit and might have lost hope. But there is hope. Its a very dark card even it’s called „hope“.
Its okay to feel bad too sometimes, but it should not lead to the impatient energy seen in the first card, as forcing something would be detrimental,
beware of addictions to „quick-fix“ negative emotions.
With impatience you set yourself up for failure.

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Hi Lucy144,

I would love to have a reading, if you don’t mind.

Whats the question?

Thank you!

Has any of the DOM with Furcas reached its mark?
It is to make a person feel low, guilt, shame, and humiliation. He harmed my professional reputation because of his insecurities.


Focalor - Wasn’t he also related to water, aka the demon that drowns men?

Well in this case, congratulations, you have been heard. That for sure. But because its an Ace card I‘d say it was a good impulse, but I would add a bit more energy to the attack. Give it a little push.
I‘d say your target already feels some effect.


„Everything you chose now will come to be realized. Choose wisely“

I think you‘re on a good way.


„Celebration tempered by sadness“

You might not have healed completely from what tgat person has done to you? It suggests that the success might be overshadowed by something…
Not that bad though.