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What does future hold for me (in love way), for example relationship or new person or something like that?


„Am I ignoring my intuition? What I suspect is probably true. I must breathe“
Keywords: Ignoring signs, fear of the unknown, journey

It feels like you have been hiding yourself away a bit.
Trust your intuition more, and let things flow. It will be worth it. Put yourself out there more. Might sound like a general advice but its not. Its part of your journey.


Keywords: Holding on to people/possessions/ issues, deep seated/past issues, hoarding, stinginess, control

You seem to hold on to some issue from the past … a grudge or a person, and are not fully receptive open and relaxed when it comes to new situations, meeting new potential partners.

Or: You might be/been with a partner that treats you just like property, and is too jealous. Its either you or them.


„Now is the time to be completely honest with yourself about what you want; what you‘re thinking about your motives and real feelings. If you chose Honesty about all, you will find Courage to do whats right.“

Its very important to be honest with Yourself about what your true values are in a relationship… then you will be given the strength to start anew and manifest good opportunities (if you want to).

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I saw a Yes, you will pass. But it will be a bit of an up and down journey.
Not a straight path to success. Dont be too chill, you‘ll have to put the work in.
Also it’s advised to not let yourself get too distracted by love matters.

I got the Wheel of fortune, the four of cups. And three of swords.

Job change. I got a bit of stagnant energy first leaning towards a No …but …the cards said; in the long run;


„Your instinct is finely tuned, so why doubt it? Your Journey is guided.“
Key ideas: Solitary Journey, Spirit lies on the road ahead, led by spirit

It seems that something different might be „orchestrated“ for you, you might know better than I do. Listen to your instincts. And … to your guides.


Keywords; Success, public recognition, progress, self-confidence

Once more, this will probably grant you the change if you want it.


„You are chosen to belong. This card tells you that you are in the right place now. You are home. Be at home inside yourself.“

Ok. The description… it might suggest that its really in your own Responsibility to make it work.
Its not so much about other people. Maybe you were looking outside a bit too much to feel like you belong with a group, when subconsciously you were longing for more authenticity and alignment with yourself.

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Hi! my question is how will my ritual tonight with my friend go?

Thanks. I try to blend it all in…What my intuition(Senses) tells me and what the cards tell. Three cards are really not THAT much. I try to give my best though. Maybe I will give more in depth readings soon.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Its closed for now.

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What‘s your question

Would have loved a general reading , if is still open , if not next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, :innocent: I actually am not looking for any relationship right now but I just moved to college and everyone is dating, so I thought to ask for one, actually it looks more like spiritual advice :slight_smile: good to know.

I need a future career reading, should I gravitate towards Video Directing or Car Dealing as I have been thinking or should I just go with the flow?

Wait I asked about love but since u haven’t responded yet I would like to change question, my question is did Glasya-labolas get my petition and little ritual I did, aka. will he grant me my request, did he accept it, or does he want to do something else/get something else?

Can I have one?

General one

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I’d like one too. General, please

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I’d love one if you have time. My question is:

What sort of offerings would they prefer from me?

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

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can I get a reading regarding how long it’s going to take for me to get a job. Or anything work related, thank you

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I am taking a break (health) but I will be back in a few days

Would love to have a reading from you.