Free Tarot course

does anyone have a free trustworthy beginner to advanced Tarot course/tutorial I can work with? I’m finally getting into divination, and I don’t have money at all for the mastering divination course on here.

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I honestly find you don’t need a course to learn to tarot. I just learned the cards meanings and learned to use my intuition to feel for the right meaning in tandem with the question. A single card has multiple meanings and the vibe you get from the card aligned with the question.

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Ya I will have to agree with Rungr on that. The part that matters the most in tarot is your own intuition. Then again, you could always search for youtube videos that explain this sort of thing. :slight_smile:


Try this if you’d like posted by PsychicBabe over another forum i USED TO visit until i found out how chaotic these people are.
It’s a free Love Tarot Guide in a download PDF, or you can just check it online.