Free talisman! (2013 post, offer closed)


I am just getting done with one HELLISH semester of school. during the semester even though I was overworked I managed to keep up my occult studies (hard to stop when you have a Demonic King and an Underworld Goddess riding your tail). I want to get back into the swing of things and lo an behold Andrieh Vitimus is holding another 30 challenge! This time the challenge is to work with a talisman (either one that you make or one that you bought) for 30 days. He also mentioned it would be a good idea to give the talisman as a gift (Tis the season after all)

So I am going to make a Hecate Talisman to empower with Her essence and powers. I am going to set aside 30 minutes of everyday (Starting next week) to empower a set of talismans. Each talisman will be identical, drawn on hard cardstock, and contain sigils and squares dedicated to Hecate and will be used to aid those who wish to work with Her/ have Her influence in their lives.

Here is where ya’ll come in. I would be willing to give these as gifts to members here who want them. I am planning on making four to give away at no monetary cost to you.

Here is the catch…First I want to make sure that these are going to people who really want to work with Hecate. If you are not sure, please do not ask for one. Second I would like a review of the talisman after you get it. What were your impressions of it? How has it helped you…etc. Since I am not part of any group or initiated into any system of magic this is the only way I can get feedback.

So to win one is simple. Just comment on this post and be one of the first 4 people and congrats you win a free talisman…that will take a while to get to you.



Second :slight_smile:


Fourth! I have been wanting to delve into this current for so long! Thank you so much for this awesome gift Orismen! This may be the key to start getting dramatic results!

Awesome, so I have my four!

I will clean out and consecrate the room I will be using as a temple this weekend. I will also bless the new altar I have this weekend and get cracking. I have an idea of what the talisman will look like but I will be performing divinations throughout the week to nail it down.

Thank you all!

Also if ya’ll wouldn’t mind, please send me your addresses via pm so I know where to send the talismans after they are done.

First scrying session done. I have a basic frame work of what the talisman will look like. I will keep at it and have a completed draft by Friday.

For any that are interested here is what the first draft looks like.


Awesome.Can’t wait to get mine!

You know I would loovveee one if at all possible!

Oh shit I got to excited before I read the whole post lol…

I would be open to doing a few more batches after I get the feedback from the first four. This is one of the ways I chose to serve Hecate so I am more than happy to do more. :slight_smile:

Orismen are you familiar with Michael Alan Smith’s work? He serves Hecate,Belial,and Lucifer and has a book dedicated to each.I haven’t read his work as his books are hard to come by so I only have his interviews to go by.The books he wrote contain information he received from his 3 Gods.You should check out his interview with Mona Majick entitled. “Forbidden Wisdom of Belial”.Don’t bother with the ones he did with that shitty interview series Witchtalk.(I can’t stand the host)

I have heard of MAS but I have not read any of his books. Strangely enough the Witch Talk episode featuring him popped up on my YouTube suggestions during my pact with Belial. I was too busy with school to read a non school text, but Queen of Hell is on my Christmas wish list.

I would laugh if the talisman I received while scrying looks anything like something from his books. That would be one of those 'Holy shit" moments.

That would be But I’m sure Hecate has something totally unique planned for you.The Gods don’t seem to repeat their messages.MAS said she only allowed him to release 999copies of QoH

Just looked up Queen of Hell on ebay…Welp, looks like I need to do a money draw ritual…

Also, I am listening to the Mona Magic interview with MAS right now and HOLY SHIT he and I have had some similar experiences!

I figured. you’d like the interview.MAL is an amazingly humble majician who seems to really love his work and service to his Gods.How much was the book?(do a money ritual for me while your at it lol) Also another route:There’s a spirit in the Grimoire Imperium I believe that can bring you any book.I need to check that mother out! Imagine having the greatest occult works ever printed! Oops just peed a little.

Final template


Looks badass man!

If you do a second round, I would love to give it a try.

Me too! Hey Hecate it’s me feint from vsociety again lol