Free Scrying rite for 5 People [Closed]

So I’m going to be sleeping now so decided to do 5 free scrying regarding any topic for lovely members here when i wake up. Unfortunately I cant do more than 5 since I’m busy and may cause issues with channeling. So PM me and if you dont get the slot I will still try.

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I’ll be up for one please.

M in …

Send details in PM or here about specifics of the scrying please @Voodooking @mxa

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Can I get one?

Can I get one ?

@MorpheusDarkson I sent you a pm

If you don’t mind about spirits around me and our relationship( someone on the pendulum said that he was a certain demon and I am not sure and also I think that someone possessed me )

Can I be the 5th ?

I appreciate a reading.

I’d like one please and thank you.

If I’m not too late, I’d like one.

PM me your picture and specify about what I am to scry about.

@MorpheusDarkson thank you, I cannot thank you enough. I have been drawn to, and recently to Azazel. I’ll have to figure the other two out later. But thank again.

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May I have one please?

May I have one?
If it’s not too late.

Hello one for me please

I’m sorry but I’m not doing anymore
Thank you for being a good sport everyone


Thank you @MorpheusDarkson it helps . :+1: