Free rune and tarot readings

~~~ CLOSED ~~~

I want to get in a bit more practice, so feel free to PM me if any of you guys are interested. Any feedback would be helpful!

Right now I’m going to keep it at a limit of 4 readings total per day.

I’ll take one

would like a free reading too…

Hi nue, i would like to try your reading.

I PM’d you Mider, onemax is next, then I will get to you Black Flame :slight_smile:

Hey nue, I guess I’m late but I’d like a reading if still possible.

Just had an excellent reading done by Nue.

The Runes get very in-depth, lay out the situation quite accurately, and foresee paths of action, obstacles to be overcome, etc.

Nue got talent, great reading.

I’m gonna have to get my Rune on this year, seriously, been putting it off too long.

Really good reading.

She went in depth into the situation and told me the very possible outcome.

Mider, I’m a girl xD lol

Fixed XD

If you find the time, I’d love to sample a lovely free rune reading! I understand if you’re all booked, though.

I have one more to do tonight and then I’m on a break. I do have space for you tomorrow though! Just send PM me your question and I will get to it then

I had one of the best reading, The Tarot reading explained the exact situation…very impressive . The rune kind of give me a clue of what my strategy would be to improve my situation…Thanks nue …

Thanks for the reading nue, it did confirm my suspicions and gave me a new perspective and valuable insight. Great detail, great reading.

When you get back from your break can i have a reading

Alright Angel Caido, I will PM you, after this I will have to close out all further requests

I got some really nice and interesting readings from nue, thank you nue! and i do recommend trying nue’s readings.

Nue is a very skilled reader

Nue is an amazing reader, I bought a second reading and it was very good.

Got a detailed, well-thought, and accurate rune reading from nue. Solidly done, accuracy confirmed, and it’s always great to see more people taking up the runes!

Thanks again nue.