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hello can you predict me. can one day be successful and be able to calm down my financial condition?


Hi, Can I having reading please?


Can you tell me if there are spirits working with me on ascent?


First off; thank you so much for this and I appreciate it. Now onto my question; what am I missing on my path in life?


Hey man thanks for doing this. I was wondering if you can also give me a free reading, I really need to know where I am in my life’s journey. Thanks a lot


Can you tell me if spirits are with me?


I can’t really think of a good question so I’ll ask this: Will I ever get off my lazy butt and start actually practicing?


If you have time for me.
I am curious about if there will be new opportunities opening for me in 2018, regarding anything, friends, travel, work etc?
And the de marseille.


I want a reading.
I want to know if something is attached to me.
Is there any specific information that you need?


Would you be willing to read how I can improve on my path? Please and thank you !


Nothing specific, whatever comes to you.

If you are to busy that’s fine. Just let me know either way. ( just so I am not waiting on it, if you don’t have the time.)

Thank you.


Hi, can you tell me if there is any spirits guiding me towards my magickal ascent ?


Hi :slight_smile: Was there a spirit in my dream with me last night?


I quickly scan your energy and it goes up and down very regularly. She goes from a moment when she’s very strong, where at a certain moment she’s very weak :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For the draw here is what I realized :

The first card drawn was that of the tarot of Marseille, which indicates where you are in your spiritual evolution.
Here the card of the Sun tells us your spiritual condition is stable and positive, there is a harmony that allows your conscience less stressed than compared to before (I felt a lot of stress when I scanned your energy).
It’s something that allows you to be much more sociable and appreciated by others. You attract. However, when you are surrounded by people, your energy tends to change a lot. This upset this harmony and create unfavorable situations (like speaking in public, am I wrong?)
I took two advices from the Oracle of the Triad to help you with your energy :

  1. [Time - 45] : Patience is of rigor, time overcomes everything, even evils. Isolate yourself from time to time will not make you unsociable ; find yourself alone from time to time, and rest.

  2. [Travel - 36] : Move a little outside the places you know. A proverb says: “The journey forms the youth”.

Your power is brisk now, but disordered. I felt that you were looking for a form of stability, however the search of stability does not seem to be the solution. Instead let time do things as you say the card above ; nature know how to balance things on its own.

For your future spiritual growth, I drew three cards in a draw that I named: The Steps. There can be as much steps as you want, but for you it’s only three. It reads from top to bottom, like when you go up stairs … I know, it’s logic, but you never know. Here is the draw (don’t panic, breathe :frowning:) :

What I found very very interesting with this draw is that we have the first card of the tarot, the one that is considered the last card, the card without a number, the card without name. This is the first time I draw his cards at the same time. Yes, yes I know, you have death in your draw, but I already told you : Breathe :frowning: If we only look at the numeral side of the draw, we have card # 1 and we stop at card # 13. The number 1 is the number of the beginning, the point where everything comes together to create. The 13th when it is the number of the renewal. It symbolizes the end of a cycle and the start of a new one. When to the other card, its number is neither 0 nor 22, it’s just nothing. He wanders.

  • Card #1 : The Bateleur (Magician) is the one who makes magic tricks (in the Middle Ages), he’s young and dynamic :exploding_head: Just like him you will enter a period where the magic will particularly interest you and bring you much on the spiritual level. You will have all the tools in hand to progress, it will only be up to you to know what you want to do.
  • Card # ??? - The fool (the card without number) tells us here, that you will have a period of independence, even wandering in order to reach a goal,which was before unattainable. Going alone and traveling to progress and thus show courage (unless it is more of unconsciousness), it is apparently what will happen to you in your spiritual quest.
  • Card #13 : The last card, the one that is called : Death, when in fact it doesn’t have a name. Here, she shows a spiritual and material renewal, you seem to have reached your spiritual quest, so you find another goal, another quest. It’s also the time to take a break, during which you will question your life, and your way of life before you hit the road again.

I hope I helped you ! :raising_hand_man:


I’m doing this in a short time, I just have someone else to do before you, and I’m getting started :eyes:


It seems perfect :blush:


Can I have a reading, if you are willing to?


The question is a bit abstract … I’ll try to answer it :thinking: but the answer will be as abstract as the question.


Yes, ask directly your question, if I ever need to pause in the draws, I would say it directly, but for the moment no problem.


OK I’ll try to be more specific:

I plan on moving. Two options I’m thinking of is moving closer to my mother as she’s getting older and health is getting a bit worse, or moving closer to my job for potentially better opportunities.