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Hello :slight_smile:
I have a little trouble to continue reading, I have some problems with the University and my work, so it’s quite complicated to remain productive.


That’s alright, take your time! Don’t stretch yourself too thin!



Will my ex and I ever reconcile and get back together?

Are any of the spells, spirit work and law of attraction methods working for me to attract them back?



There are more spells that can easily break up relationship but spells to reconcile Doesn’t last long. how ever try candle spells for reconciliation of love ones.


Which breakup spell would you recommend?


What can I do to grow spiritually in a more efficient manner? Please and thank you!


Hi Leoh! I’m in the middle of huge changes and it would be great to get a hand here!

Actually I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how much inspiration, love or effort I put into my art and my goals (moving to a specific country, making my own music, being an entrepreneur, etc) if I don’t master how to work with the demons (my gods).

I’ve been doing everything I can to master communication with them and I have decided to make pacts with one of them or some of them, so I can finally have a life where there’s at least a minimum stability / base / peace.

I’d love to hear that I’m going to master it this month but I know it may not be the case so if this is the case what should I do to master the communication (seeing/hearing them) very fast (other than training with obsidian, fire, black bowl of water, sigils and incantations).

Thank you very much if you decide to help me! :heart_eyes:


Thanks. I’ve applied with a petroleum company for a security officers job in Costa Rica, what are my chances get that job. Thanks again.