Free psychic and aura readings

Bro can you make my reading please? :heart:

Heyy im gonna copy paste your reading here and after give my feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

"so the first thing i asked was what is your present feeling and i got you are not extremely happy neither you are not completely sad. you are more within the middle.

on your aura i got two colors, the inner one is green and the outer one is yellow, the green may mean abundance, fertility, money etc… but for you dimitra i felt mostly is associated with healing, inner healing,… if i may be right it may be associated more with emotions than physical sickness… but also it can mean social gathering… so it maybe what you want, or what will happen or is happening now you know the answer better. so whether you are social person that you can easily associate with people or currently you hang out with friends…

on yellow it may mean several things but for you i got communication again, so is whether you need it or is what is happening now…

thank you, i really appreciate if you will leave feedback, and if you will 100% honest. good luck"

So Im glad for this and thank you very much!!
I have to say tho, that im very happy lately and im not in a healing process at all… For many months now, my life seems lucky with a lot of fun and good sychronicities.
Now you say, ‘either i need communicatation either it’s happening now’ but one of the two would be true anyways right :smile:
Im sociable a lot which was correct and yea, because of the corona thing I don’t expect a lot in this social field but i do have friends around me so I’m fine really.
Again thank you and good luck with the rest of the requests :blush:

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No problem take your time. Energy is expensive . I’ve sent u picture in the pm but u can post the reading here in the thread. Just let me know if u want the picture in the thread too .

You don’t have to be sorry . Thanks for doing this. Uve got a big line waiting for u😁


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hello there, so the first point i got from you is occult knowledge, you seem like a person who has natural affinity to magic. Of course it may seem bluffing but there are some people even personally i have met that seem to have a natural link to magic. This does not mean magic goes easy on them, not at all but when they learn something in occult most of the time they end up being an expert on the field.

i know anyone can achieve that with hard work and persistence but there are some people can perform less hard work than you but still have similar result at the end, that is what i mean. It seem you have a natural link to the magic. i know this maybe hard to prove but over some time, if it’s true it will come out.

the second thing i got is INHERITANCE. i cant get much info on this word, i just got it like that so i don’t know what it may apply to you.

in the future i see material reward , partly will come from hard work the other part will be lended to you. So i don’t know if this will be a loan or someone giving you a reward, i guess the future will decide.

Anyway if the reading seem vague just tell me :smile:


@DarkSerpent227 where is your picture?

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