Free pendulum readings (CLOSED)

I am offering a three question pendulum reading to anyone who is interested. I’m not sure how many I would do but I plan on doing quite a few. Just leave your questions and I will get back with you soon. If anyone wants to exchange for another type of reading then you will be first in line. Thanks guys I am looking forward to the practice!


Oh this sounds like fun. I would just like to know what message the spirits have for me :grin:


i’ll take a pendulum reading, I’ve never had one done before.

Will the relationship with my son’s father be repaired?

Will I move into a new home within the next year?

Are there any spirits that want to say something to me?

I’ll take one

Do I have more than the set two spirits I’m currently working with that wish to work with me? Specifically in the nordic pantheon?

Also, are the enns I’m using for the two spirits irritating to them?

Am in any position to dare consider a romantic relationship?

Thank you - I’d like one :hibiscus:

Is a move out of my city on the cards in the next 12 months?
Will it be possible for me to return to study this year?
Will I reconcile with a former partner this year?

May I have a reading?

What is I’s true feelings towards me?
What is my fire?
Do any entities have a message(s) for me?

Much love and gratitude in return!

Will my physical health issues go away if I clear & balance my chakras?

Do I have astral parasites?

Am I ready to perform the rites set forth by my guides?

Hi, I can give you a Tarot reading; can I pm?

Is this relationship fruitful?
Will my health will be stable for the rest of the year?
Do I have a chance to achieve leadership within my job?

That’s It, thanks for the help :raising_hand_woman:

i would like to participate in that reading.

Can I make money from my method in sports betting?

Hi…i will take on your offer please if still avail.
1.are there any spirits that wants to work with me…
2.if there is…which will it be i on my correct path spiritual


Can you do one for me?

I would like one. I want to know if my two cousins don’t want me in their mother’s house.
Is my decision to leave a good one ?
And are there any spirits willing to work with me should I need to curse a few people.

Can I have one plz
Which goetia spirits are ready to work with me
And what offering they want ,I am a vegetarian so I can’t offer meat or anythn like that

About to embark on my first “occult” endeavour using the demons of magick book.

Which demon/Daemon/entity would best suit my want?

To open up, cleanse and balance my chakra system?

Thank you

  1. Will the ssip project I’m working on be successful?
  2. should I attempt nios , will it give fruitful results.
  3. will i be able to successfully pull of my business to sucess in 5 yrs

1 . Is angel that is harrasing me is stoping doing it ?
2 . Has Satan helped me with this angel ?
3 . Will he leave me alone ( angel ) ?

  1. Will I meet someone and fall in love this year

  2. Will I lose all this extra ass weight and get healthy

3.Will I start a job this year

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