Free pendulum readings (CLOSED)

  1. Do I have a Succubus/es around me?

Thank you

Sweet I’m in! I’ll pm

  1. Do I have an incubus around me?
  2. Are his intentions good?
  3. Would it be okay to contact Lilith?

I would love one if still available! I’ve never had a pendulum reading before.

1: will I be able to buy a house in the next 6 months?

2: which (if any) spirits want to work with me?

3: will my ex and I be back together in a relationship in the next 12 months?

Thank you!

Never had a pendulum reading before. Thank you for offering it.

  1. Will I achieve my goal for October 16th this year?

  2. Should I move to a different country?

  3. Will I reach my financial independence as quickly as I want?

Thanks for the offering!
I just have one question, are there spirits that want to say something to me?

I’d like one please.

Will me and my ex get back to together again


May I have one?

Just 1 question.
Was there a spirit trying to contact me on Friday, August 21st?

Please and thank you!

Can i have one plz
Question 1- Will my husband ever leave his fake godmen?
Q2- Am i contacting spirits properly?
Q3- Does my target has protection?

I would like one please.
I want to know if Bime is working on my request for the Honda.
I also want to know if there are any spirits willing to help me win a legal battle and what offering they would like.
I also want to know if my book will be successful.
Thank you. I can offer a tarot reading in exchange. I’m still practicing so, it might not be very accurate, but I’ll do my best!

  1. Is my succubus a daughter of Naamah or Lilith?
  2. Am i well on my way to gaining back the sensitivity i had as a teenager?
  3. Am i now doing the proper steps to making my bond/connection with Clara my succubus as strong as possible?


I am interested thank you my question: what does beelzebuth? want from me what date exactly I will open my 3rd eye? and what date I will open the Solar Plexus Chakra?

Will I succeed in achieving my goals within a month?

@LadyMagick007 @curiousram @DXLelouch24 @Dozo @Emanuel,
OP hasn’t responded to post since creating it, and hasn’t been on the site for almost a week.
I don’t think they are going to answer


What dp you mean by godmen?
how are you trying to contact the spirits?
And everyone has protection, but what do you know about your target?

do you mean Bune?
Legal matters, try working with King Paimon and King Belial, ask them what they will want as an offering.
And make your book successful!

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My target goes to some spiritual guru. So i think she has some protection. She says that guru is god of ghosts.

I try to contact spirits by using GOM 2 nd to ritual