Free meditation by a siddha to manifest reality

Here is the meditation by Sadhguru Jaggi vasudev. He is a siddha (I am pretty certain about that), founder of Isha foundation. He is known for censecrating Dhyanalinga and is a master of hatha, kriya yoga. He himself admitted that he got all his siddhis from occult practices, mostly left hand tantra.

The meditation here is called kalpavriksha meditation, translated means wishfulfilling meditation.

Here is an article where he himself is explaining the mechanics of the meditation, how and why it works.

I would advice not to use it to harm others, as he himself says that if done so there will certainly be karmic backlash.


Siddha are supposed to be immortals bruh. I’ve read his stuff… And its pretty basic, ie… You only get a fraction of what is actually out there. I wonder if that fraction is useful, as most rituals of Hinduism are complex and elaborate for very specific reasons. Dumbing them down for the masses os potentially a waste. Seems like you and I belong to the same culture.


Not all siddhas are supposed to be immortal. But the senior one’s are supposed to be immortal, for sure. Then there is Maha-siddha, Ati-siddha, Siddheshwara etc in the siddha tradition.

It works, that’s why it was shared with everyone. And I know that we are given only few drops out of vast ocean of spiritual practices. But that’s how it is, sadly.

The word siddha itself means the perfected one. Anyone who is subjected to life and death isn’t perfect, hence not a siddha. All siddhas are immortals

I would dispute that what all he says works. His article on bhoot shuddhi is so dumbed down it doesn’t even retain the original essence of bhoot shuddhi

I have seen his antics. Drinking venom and all live etc. Venom when ingested is harmless, it is harmful only when it goes directly to the blood stream. Seemed like a publicity stunt to me


@Kaamdev , @Goku - You both are from India?

Yes brother.

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Yeah bro. Mumbai

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Lol. I personally know quite a few siddhas. BELIEVE ME, they are FAR from being a ‘perfect being’. Swami Vivekananda in his raja yoga treatises said that though the siddhas originally reside in the realm of sahastra chakra, crown chakra, they are just slightly better than ghosts. And he was an incarnation of a Brahma Rishi.

Siddhas belong to the Raudra/Shaiva tradition and AREN’T necessarily benevolent.

Though sadhguru does some cheap gimmick, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his stuff. What makes you think he will write down all his knowledge of bhuta suddhi/ purification of the elements in an article, don’t judge based on that.


I agree with what you said…but he may know or he may not know. I’m curious… all siddhas you know are from Tamilnadu?

Any personal experience of their powers?

No, not all siddhas are from tamilnadu. I think you are talking of the 18 siddhars starting from Agastya muni/Rishi. By the way, most of them fall under Maha-siddha status, higher than siddha.

I was in contact with one on almost regular basis via dreams. Other than that no ‘Jhumla’ show of power. But I have read thousands of books, scriptures and can sniff a genuine one from fake from a thousand miles away. :blush:

No I keep hearing every now and then about siddhas from Tamilnadu, so was curious. I so badly want to meet one.

How can I get in touch with one?

Even i know someone who is a mahaghori, and told me so. Seems our definitions differ.

LOL… A " perfect being" doing gimmicks haha… He’s just a level above those fake gurus who sell spirituality to unsuspecting westerners.

Also, reading books and scriptures is well… Not practical. Unless you have a guru, only then your gyaan yoga will be fruitful. Hinduism is a sadhna shastra.

But to each his own

Siddhashrams are all around us… But we can’t see them with physical eyes. Only people with astral eyes can see them. Ie. Whose third eye chakra is fully active. I’d say stick to your sadhna, wait for your guru, build a relationship with a personal God, and that’s about it. As for meeting a siddha you could do somespecific sadhna like guru gorakhnath’s sadhna

Thanks bro. Would you mind sharing the sadhana for Guru Goraknath? I could search online but it will be like finding needle in a haystack.

Though I have a guru I have to say that’s not true. There are many who attained realization without any guru. For example Ramana Maharshi.

And you are saying siddhas are perfected beings, do you even know gravity of the word ‘perfect’? Believe me, its not that cheap.

Dude, when a person doesn’t have a guru, it is by the grace of the isht dev acting as guru which makes the awakening possible. So guru is always there.

I understand exactly what it means, that’s why I’m not using it for someone like… Sadhguru. Its nowhere near cheap, and hence a gimmick like him cannot be a siddha. Mahayogis like gorakhnath are siddh

Its just… When you’re praying to someone like gorakhnath, you need to give up on lust. Try the mantra om shiv goraksh or Soham goraksh guruvei namah. I have experience on using the second mantra. It will turn you into a disciple of him, your perception will become clearer, you will feel as if everything is trying to teach you something. It is even possible to fully raise the kundalini with this mantra. For a proper sadhna, I could give you darshan sadhna ( but i haven’t done it).

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Then the word guru itself is meaningless. One’s istha devata/personal diety can be guru, one’s Atman can be guru, nature itself can be guru! Here the word guru is being used to mean gurus in human form only.

And gorakshanath and matsendrya math are maha siddhas/naths way above siddhas level.

Lol. :grinning: you have no idea what you are talking about, siddhashram/gyanganj doesn’t exist ‘everywhere’ in the astral realm!

Well, in the end… Nature, universe, god etc what ever is you called is the Real Guru. No one else.

By saying “everywhere”, I mean they are present all around us, not perceivable by physical eyes. We just can’t see them.

Example. The mahaghori i know tells me there is a siddhashram a little far away from mumbai. If you go there, you won’t see anything. But if you have astral eyes you would

No brother, its not all around us! But let’s leave it there. I hope you get your success in your sadhans/spiritual practices VERY soon. Best of luck from me :blush: