Free love readings

I’ve made my 90 days. With Valentine’s Day being on Friday, planetary day of Venus, I thought: why not? Love readings available:

-Coming Love Interest: future prospect with enough insight to see if your rose-colored glasses are spot on or are hiding a red-flag factory.

-Useful Relationship Spread: checking in on how each person is viewing the relationship.

-Relationship Problem Solving Spread: here’s to hoping it is salvageable.

-A Self-Love Spread: be kind to yourself. As they say, the only two friends you truly need in this life is your mind and a reason.

–Math of Love Triangles: a triangle is a polygon with three edges and three vertices, and while you can take the base times the height and cut it in half to find the area of the surfaces, it’s not likely to give you the answer to a complicated love triangle. If you’re looking at between two lovers and more than those three relationships are involved (such as when you have children), then pick this one.

The following is important if you want a reading done.

I need to know the following information from you:

  1. Name of the spread you want done.
  2. The number of times you wish for the deck to be shuffled. If you pick something my lazy ass finds ridiculous, it’ll be reduced down. Example: 35 would become 3+5= 8 times shuffled.
  3. A color.
  4. Something that touches your soul. I work best if I can tap into emotion. This means that something like a song that really speaks to you right now (ex: Svavar Knutur’s Emotional Anorexic), a poem (ex: The Highway Man by Alfred Noble), or a maxim (ex: momento mori) is what I need.
  5. If you care if the results are private. If you don’t mind, it’ll be a thread reply.

It would mean a great deal to me if you’d provide feedback. I’m always looking to improve, but unless I’m made aware of where I’m incorrect, it’s kind of hard to do so.

Please be patient to get your results back. When I do too many in a row, I get a migraine that rivals any high school hangover as a result of getting black out drunk on Boones’ Farms and Barton’s vodka.

There will be a cut off as this will not be an indefinite thread. I do not currently have a cut off limit set yet.



I’ll take one!!

Guess I’ll go along. I’m bored lol. Pmed you

Useful relationship spread.5 shuffles 75, violet,
I want to break free, Queen. Results can be on here. Thank you!

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Coming love interest, 6 shuffles, ocean blue, That’s the way of the world-Earth Wind and Fire, dealers choice on privacy.

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Hi :slight_smile:
I would like the
Relationship problem solving Spread
5 times shuffled
Song : You are the Reason by Calum Scott
I’d like the result to be private

Thank you :blush:

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I’m interesed in one! :slight_smile:

•I want the Useful Relationship Spread
•Nine times shuffled
•Le temps de l’amour (song)
•The results can be public :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :heart:

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I’d like one as well.

. coming love interest
. six times shuffled
. Grey
. no guidance - Drake
. results can be public

Thank you!

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  1. Math of Love Triangles
  2. 3 times shuffled
  3. Red
  4. A Hindi song
  5. Private msg pls

Thank you :slight_smile:

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  1. I would like a Coming Love Interest spread, please. (No rush.)
  2. I have no preference here and trust your judgment.
  3. Pink. No idea why that popped into my head.
  4. “Strength of the World” by Avenged Sevenfold.
  5. Thread reply is fine.
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1.Coming love interest
3.Sky blue
I really didn’t want to put a foreign song up, but this song really speaks to me in this moment.
5.I would prefer private but I am new so I can’t send pms, if you can’t send it thread reply would be good.
THank you.

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5 or 75?

Sorry 75 for the number so 2

I’ll PM :slight_smile:

*Heads up: I got distracted while shuffling (I shuffled 12 times because of 75), so if it’s totally off, let me know. I might have messed up the count. Otherwise, here’s your reading.

Outer Presentation

  1. How querent reveals self. 4 of Cups.
  2. How partner reveals self. XV The Devil.

You’ve been revealing yourself as somebody who is dissatisfied with life. You may come across as self-absorbed or taking things for granted. Your partner reveals themself as somebody who is very much into the material realm. They may have issues with addiction of some kind – whether that be shopping, drinking, etc.

Eye of the Beholder
3. How querent sees partner. Reverse 6 of Wands.
4. How partner sees querent. Reverse 7 of Cups.

You see your partner as somebody who is ashamed. There is a lack of pride due to delayed success. Small victories they’ve had may be going unacknowledged. Your partner sees you as a realistic thinker. You are dedicated to actually moving on with your life instead of wasting your time in wishful thinking.

Assessment of the Relationship
5. How querent regards the relationship. XIX The Sun.
6. How partner regards the relationship. Reverse 3 of Pentacles.

You find joy in your relationship. It is one that truly makes you feel alive. Your partner, on the other hand, sees your relationship as one where there is no collaboration going on between you two. They see a lack of progress in the relationship.

What They Desire
7. Querent’s desire of partner. Reverse Queen of Pentacles.
8. Partner’s desire of querent. Reverse King of Cups.

You don’t want your partner to change. You genuinely accept them for the way they are with their materialistic nature. This person may be naturally insecure and you value feeling needed to comfort them. Your partner wants you to show that you are also a human with faults. To allow yourself to cease being diplomatic and show that you also can be an unethical, imperfect person.

  1. Theme of Reading: 6 of Swords.

The theme of this reading is making progress in your relationship. To continue moving forward, possibly start anew with more honesty.


1.Useful Relationship Spread
2. 7 times
3. Indigo
4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by George Michael
5. Pm pls

Looking forward to giving you any useful feedback I can. Thank you for the time+energy spent

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Mm… for 1. I’ll have the coming Love interest.
2. Shuffle the deck 7 times
As for 4 I’m not sure

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A love spread
5 times
Royal blue
She is love by oasis
Results on here is fine
Thank you for the time and effort you putting in

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Coming Love Interest Spread

1 - Who is your coming love interest. Reverse XIII Death.
2 - His/her work, job. 3 of Swords.
3 - His/her quality. Reverse XV The Devil.
4 - His/her flaw. Reverse 9 of Cups.
5 - His/her look. Reverse XVIII The Moon.
6 - What he/she will think of you the first time you will meet. Page of Cups.
7 - What you will think of him/her the first time you will meet. IV The Emperor.
8 - His/her feelings for you. III The Empress.
9 - Your feelings for him/her. Knight of Pentacles.
10 - The strength of your relationship. Reverse 7 of Cups.
11 - The weakness of your relationship. Reverse 6 of Cups.
12 - Love potential in long term. Reverse 5 of Cups.

Putting It All Together:

Your coming love interest is somebody who has a hard time with moving on and grieving. This person resists change. It can manifest as still pining after an old flame, holding grudges, or not dealing with grief properly such as avoiding handling the death of a parent.

Their job requires them to be the “bad guy” in that they’ll cause emotional upheaval. If I had to guess, they might be employed in the HR department and is in charge of firing people.

This person is not held tied down to material comforts. They may be a minimalist or an ex-addict.

Their flaw is lack of happiness. They may suffer anhedonia from clinical depression or ruminate upon lost dreams.

Your coming love interest’s look is harder to interpret as this card traditionally doesn’t feature a person. Intuition says they may have ‘crazy eye’ going on and appear wild.

This person upon meeting you will think you’re an imaginative, artistic, and compassionate person. Upon meeting, you’ll see this person emulating authority and an enforcer of rules.

This person will feel in touch with her feminity when with you. A feeling of fertility (can be read sensual AKA horny) and receptive to life’s abundance. This person will make you feel methodical and persistent. You want to be reliable and somewhat conservative.

The strength of your relationship is that you’ll both have realistic thinking. The weakness is the desire to remain independent. Possibly bad memories being brought up. To not allow yourselves full vulnerability.

Long term potential looks good. Moving on from past griefs. Union. Ability to forgive.


1.coming love interest
2. 46 lucky number so… 4+6 = 10 shuffles.
3.royal purple color
4.something that touch me are newborn pets. like kittens puppies. babies …etc…
5.public is ok.

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