Free godform drawing readings

I have free evenings and I want to boost my clairvoyance ability (+ scanning and generally drawing) so if anyone wants to borrow his/her godform (or just your person) for a scan I can make a personal sketch for free. Generally speaking, I will draw what I am able to see or detect from you/your godform. Anyone interested?


Hi Sha, I’m up for you doing a godform drawing for me :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hello, I would be willing to have my god form drawn, Thank you

Sure, been trying to reach out to mine lately with little to no success. Might help me break through if you’re up to it.

Me, definitely! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ooohhh I’m so down! :ok_hand:

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Sign me up! Thanks in advance.

I would love this - i could print put it on my wall !

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I would love one!!

I need one!

Yes please

Would love it! Thank you very much

Yes please? I would love that.

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You’re an AMAZING artist!!! Please pick me!! lol


Lol @Sha you’re popular. I’d like to get a reading if you aren’t already overbooked

If you are available:). I’d like to :slight_smile:

i want one!

I would love too! :slight_smile:

If you’re still taking offers I would lbe honored to get mines done.

I’m in !