Free energy!

I am willing to give a certain amount of people free energy. I can give you a kind of energy from anyone of my chakras to any of your chakras. Example:I can give my core energy to your third eye chakra. I can also give you a certain kind of energy example: sexual energy, euphoric energy, love energy. Just about any energy you can think of. I can give you a sense of well-being I can give you a sense of calmness. Let me know if you want me to give you any kind of energy and it’s all free! Let me know when your in a meditative state and make sure to meditate on the energy and ground the energy.


Are you sure ?


i want some solar plexus self-esteem and feelings of sureness please.




Will do

I would take energy for my three uper chakras but if its too much,pick one :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Xag_darklight are you in a meditative state?

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Let me know how it felt xag


yep i feel more about myself thank you.


Glad to hear! no problem

Just curious, why are you giving out free energy?

  1. I’m bored 2. To practice 3. To give people a different experience

I’m all about helping people become their highest selves and giving someone energy helps out with that @anon48532061

But depleting yourself from energy is harmful.
Are you being a martyr, do you have excess of energy or is it a trap hidden somewhere?

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What is a martyr and I would say I have an excess of energy because I gave energy three times today and still don’t feel tired @anon48532061

I looked up what a martyr is and no I’m not being a martyr I just have an excess of energy because I take energy all the time from deserving people I’m an energy vampire and I can also mediate energy from source

Hi there! Man that sounds cool! :slight_smile:
So you’re good? If you feel fully alright about it, I am a willing participant and would like to re-feel what it’s like to have a fully functional solar plexus again so that I remember how what it can be like? :slight_smile:

If that’s cool for you,

I’d gladly give you my feedback in exchange too of course.

Thank you bro, if you’d be willing to do this :slight_smile:

Eitherway it’s very cool you offer that to people in general :slight_smile: ! :slight_smile:

Do you also do the crown chakra for ppl btw?
Just curious :slight_smile:

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I can try to heal and activate and open your solar chakra and give your solar chakra a sense of well being hopefully it will work for you @Hermes let me know once your in a meditative state so you can receive the energy more efficiently

I want some for my third eye chakra

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