Franz Bardons grimoires:

Beloved brothers and sisters of B.A.L.G. Here me one here me all, I’m upon the verges of recently receiving Franz Bardons grimoires, and once I go through and study everything in his grimoires I’m gonna highly evoke a spirit that goes by the initials: Melamo, a spirit of great powers and abilities if I recall greatly, it said he can teach the said magician everything and I mean everything, from impossible wishes to miracles I think, I P.M.ed someone who has high experience unto his grimoires of powers, okay everyone listen up, here’s my plan, I plan to develop impossible Wish granting powers so I can grant wishes Godspeed and don’t say you can’t do that, or that it’s beyond us, I don’t wanna hear it, please if y’all don’t have anything nice to say just be silent please, so once the spirit melamo teaches me how to develop impossible Wish granting abilities then I’ll wish for covid-19 to be recycled into healing energies and fresh oxygen too, my ultimate goals to ascend high enough to develop impossible Wish granting powers with the help of the spirit melamo, and no negative comments I don’t wish to hear it positive comments upon the others hand are allowed, leave your positive comments down below please and thank you.

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So…you basically plan on completely ignoring all the advice you have received from people much, much more experienced in magick than you are, and dwell in some impossible fantasy of super powers.

Good luck with that.

You don’t get to dictate what people can and cannot say.


I understand where you’re coming from, and I wish you luck in your endeavors.

Please note: as DarkestKnight has mentioned, this is a public forum, as long as the comments meet the forum rules people are welcome to say whatever they like.

I would suggest, it is probably worth your while hearing any criticism, constructive or otherwise, we have a great crowd of people here, and I would trust that it’s all meant well and should be helpful for you. :slight_smile:


Yes but I’m just trying to make sure everyone’s is kind but I don’t mind hearing the truth rather than a lie, these are my ultimate my goals that I’m stating and I’m willing to take advice yes, but I believe if franz bardon can do the things he said in his powerful grimoires so can I, I believe everyone can develop all sorts of miracles with the right tutors and work then I believe it can be done,

Aww thx very much and darkestknight I know you mean me well I know you’re trying to help me take things with a grain of salt and that everything’s not peaches and cream and I deeply appreciate it, I shall take all advice yes,

I recommend you read the work of actual practicing Bardian magicians, like Rawn Clark. Their work will be the first to tell you that a lot of the claims Bardon makes are simply him talking out of his ass. He exaggerated much of what he wrote, and most of his information on spirits was actually cribbed from other books, like Abramelin.


Keep in mind while Bardon’s works are reliable they are coded to a sequence and require a certain amount of dedication and training on the most basic of skills and meditation on those techniques and forces to properly understand and utilize the later works. These miracles you want while certainly possible might take years or decades of training on just the first book alone before you are able to gain such powers from the spirits listed and by that time you have all the same power they have and what they teach you is simply the blueprint, the schematics, to the technique in order to perform the ability with what you already have. By time you have developed such skill likely this virus will be a thing of the distant past. Focus on something for yourself and let the world take care of itself.


Shall do, I’m not giving up, and never shall, maybe I can start with pyrokinesis and accumulate the fire elements in the room to cause it to glow even to people without their astral senses fully developed,

Don’t get stuck purely on the mechanical exercises either or even the idea of the elements. Those are just training wheels and if understanding is not reached it will just impose limitations.

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So you want to be a mortal jinn?

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More like a physical immortal fairy godfather but yeah you’re on the same page I am

Highly noted so if I wished to ascend one element like fire and possibly holding fire would I just be bound to just that. So is this one power just for training some the elements are training wheels understood so the elements are to be for beginners to prepare them for what true physical powers feels like,

Good luck with those aspirations!



Physical powers is a misnomer. Physical power is only a side effect of spiritual and mental development. The elements aren’t meant to prepare you for anything. They are just square zero in understanding and concept in relation to magical work. You cannot define the elements except by properties and concept. Just keep it in mind when working through the exercises. It is something that is best when discovered on your own.

Nonsense. Reality is what we use as a stick of measure. Doesn’t mean the stick can’t be moved. DOES mean that when they use ephemeral means of measure that they somehow can’t make a legitimate mark. And anyone with actual ability should make SEVERAL marks. Should be able to demonstrate this consistently. Not with words or feelings, but action.

I recently watched the last Star Wars movie (Episode 9). Yoda hit it correctly when he said that every Master gets to see his students go past what he had done. If they aren’t, especially with thousands of students, sounds like it isn’t a Master. And if they are, they there is evidence of this. No mundane small, “let me ask enough questions and try to make it fit” kind. No “feelings” or other manipulative markers. No “did you… X feeling/X notice/X not notice”?

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I am afraid most of the things you said are impossible in physical plane. You yourself said you were looking for ‘impossible wishing powers’, kind of paradoxical a bit, don’t you think?

As much as I love Bardon, he does exaggarate a lot. His grimoires are good, really good, some stuff in it a little outdated and filled with his dogma, but like I said.

As for holding fire in your hands, good luck with that. If you contiune through his first book you will see that its not fire that you are gonna accumulate, it is concepts like hotness and expansion.

You will develop some good stuff if you put on work but setting your eyes on sun may blind you quick, be careful with that.

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Absolutely valuable. Being kind isn’t always helpful.

I don’t take feelings as gnosis. PART, yes, but there are too many people that will tell you they have been transformed into XYZ and yet it’s clear that they are being manipulated, being deceive, the transformation…may not have been complete (to put it politely), or it’s manipulation from the outside (still being deceived, but external).

There’s a big difference between transforming this current incarnation and the overall spirit. Most do the first and the ego lets them think they’re in charge of the whole…

here’s the truth, these feats as stated in his grimoire are possible, but they are only possible in YOUR reality

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