Fourth pentacle of venus? Found this under my bed, does anyone have any info on it?


So a couple months back in July i was cleaning my room, looked under my bed and found this

with no idea who it belonged to. I didn’t buy it, and there have been a total of 3 people in my room within the past couple of months so I’m not sure who it belongs to/ Who’s energy is attached to it. Later found a post Explaining what it was a little but I’m still a little confused as to what you DO with it… Should I leave it alone? Wear it? Does anyone have any info on it? I googled and looked around its hard to find in depth information about it

This is the info I found on it

“Figure 42. The Fourth Pentacle of Venus. – It is of great power, since it com- pels the Spirits of Venus to obey, and to force on the instant any person thou wishest to come unto thee.
Editor’s Note.– At the four Angles of the Figure are the four letters of the Name IHVH. The other letters form the Names of Spirits of Venus, e.g.:– Schii, Eli, Ayib,etc. The versicle is from Genesis ii. 23, 24:– “This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And they two were one flesh.””


I’ve had some people tell me to wear it, some tell me to not play around with it. So I guess the question is WHAT is this and what can it do


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The million dollar question is are you sure it was not there when you occupied the room? If you are sure someone put it there then I would say you have been targeted by a lust spell. That is the sort of thing you would leave under a bed to entice the person who sleeps there, or to help the owner of the bed entice others into it. With that talisman it is probably no coincidence it was found under your bed.


The information you have is all that’s written about it in the key of Solomon, you can get the book here
It’s in the second book, read it to understand the tradition better.

Someone’s got a crush and done a love spell on you is the most likely scenario.
Any new thoughts or feelings about the people who had access to the room?

If not then they probably haven’t changed it properly. Cleanse it either way then you can charge it and keep it or get rid of it if you don’t have use for it.


a strong love spell.
cleanse it, charge and keep it! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

call the people who came to your appartment and ask them who it belongs to, then you know who wants you to be in love with them maybe…


one more thing.
Take it as a compliment, most people just draw that with a sharpie or spend 5 minutes with a candle.
it’s very rare that someone will go through the time and spend money to get a metal one.
It’s clear that he (or she ) cares and put effort and planning instead of spur of the moment.


yeah if they went through the trouble you get you that them it means they really must like you.


Well it looks like it is in Hebru, but you probably already knew that. That is as much as I can give you at the moment.


this talisman, according to Baal Kadmon has for purpose to attract a specific person to you


I’ve lived here for 5 years and haven’t seen the thing so I’m assuming it had to be someone who put it there, now to find out who… hahaha


Thank you to everyone for your help! I think I’m going to cleanse it, charge it and keep it. i’ll try to find out who put it under my bed in the meantime also…


Use it as a talisman to draw potent emotional energy to you, whether that be romantic or otherwise.

Close your eyes place it in your receptive hand and simply clear your mind of thoughts and feel. Most often we complicate things by not investigating with ALL of our senses


Well If you intend to keep it and use it why not wear it out for ppl to see while you meet the last ppl you had over.
Seeing you wear the talisman that pressumably one of them left there might make them accidently identify themself.
I would do it for fun to see what reaction would be given(;


Hahahah that’s genius. Will do


Any updates?