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Hope this is in the right section. I’m just wondering, is there a minimum post count before you can be able to PM someone else on here? I’ve not been able to see an option to message anyone privately.

Thanks in advance.


nope, if you want to PM someone and they r ok with it then go right ahead.

What I mean is, I cannot find the option. There is no button anywhere that I can find to actually be able to message anyone. It’s supposed to be located on their profile, correct?

click on the person’s picture and there is a blue button called message. it will take u to the place to PM them

That’s what I thought, but I see nothing there at all.

Only members are able to initiate PMs. You’re still a basic user. To become a member, it’ll be based on your forum activity such as number of posts and topics made, number of likes given and received etc.


I see, so I guess I’m just too much of a noob right now? I am pretty new to the forum, lol thanks.

Yes, PMs are restricted for new users by the system until they reach a certain threshold of activity, as @Dasheen said. Once you reach that threshold, it will automatically unlock for you. A member can PM you, and you can reply to them, but you cannot initiate a PM.


Thank you for taking the time to answer, guys.


I think it took about a week for my Membership to upgrade from Basic. I was posting every day though.
You’ll get a badge when it happens.

Edit: might be from New to Basic that you need - here’s the numbers:


Awesome, thank you. I’ve been on here pretty regularly since I signed up, so maybe it won’t take very long.

There’s a short intro period so people don’t join and spam or troll. Start posting and responding after several weeks of participating you will be upgraded from basic user to member and then you can start to use the PM option.

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Looks like I just earned my member badge. Thanks everyone for answering my question!

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