Forneus: First Encounter?

So, I’ve been considering the idea of starting to work with Forneus for a while, and last night during my Full Moon ritual I got my third positive sign regarding a potential connection to him.

I must note I didn’t even evoke him, or draw his sigil or anything at all. I didn’t even get him sunflower seeds yet (which I had planned as an initial offering for when I actually do evoke him). I did get him some seashells and a cup of spring water though.

When I was about to go to sleep later on, I entered meditation and had a conversation with him. And that’s the exact reason why I’m sharing this experience here… because I want to know if I interacted with the real Forneus, or just some fake/impersonator/thoughtform, so I could definitely use the experience of those that have dealt with him before.

He appeared as an old man with a long white beard, sort of like the typical old wise wizard archetype. He had a light blue robe on and he kept checking books at a library apparently, grabbing one, quickly reading a couple of pages as if he were looking for something, then putting it back and grabbing another, and so on. The place was full of light, it felt pleasant and peaceful.

Edit: he wasn’t wearing a crown as I’ve read on other descriptions, and his voice wasn’t loud at all, just the usual calm tone of an old wise man. Maybe he already knew I was a bit afraid to contact him, so he didn’t want to scare me off from the start? Or maybe it wasn’t him at all?

So I told him, not without some embarrassment and feeling like I was going to burst into tears, that I’m looking for a father figure. That I don’t need one, but I’d like one. He asked me “what kind of father figure?” and I said “loving, caring, nurturing, protective, I want a father that will always take care of me and also forgive me every time when I do the stupid things stupid people do sometimes, can you do that? can you be that for me?” and he just kept checking books… so I said “it’s ok if it’s not something that interests you… but it’d be nice, and I don’t really have much else to ask of you if I think of it.”

He said “it’s an unusual request, I’ll think it through, I’ll think it through,” and kept going on checking his books, looking for something. I told him “well, if I hear from you again I’ll know your response, and if I don’t, I’ll know your response as well.”

And I opened my eyes wondering if that was real or if I’m just going mad, and decided to post it here.

To those that already know him, does this sound like something Forneus would say? Does his appearance (in the way I saw) match the way you saw him sometime as well? Or did I just go crazy and it was all in my head?

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My mom would see that man in her dreams almost all the time. The thing is he never talked but was always calm and doing his things, sometimes he is at a desk and just writing. Never talk to her and she never tried to talk to him. He would let her watch him and she got alot of luck everytime he came to her dreams even in the loterie, she would play the number he writes down or the page number of the book he’s reading. I only awnserd you cause the way you described him is the same way she described it to me when i was younger. And also you are not insane.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! Honestly, my sanity is the first thing I question whenever I have any spiritual experience of any kind, whether it’s through dreams, or during rituals and doing Tarot readings.

I remember he had this little end table right next to him, but I can’t remember if there was anything on it… he wasn’t writing, he only kept checking book after book at a bookcase, like he was looking for something. He even seemed busy when I asked him those things, not even stopping to look into my eyes or anything, though I remember his eyes were sky blue. The whole place was so bright and full of light…

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I am going to see my mom later today. I try to ask her more about it. So mabe maybe tonight i will have a better awnser for you. =)

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Ohhhh!!! I’d like that!!! Thank you!!!

Hey hope you’re doing good. I went and saw my mom, and she told me that she would always dream about him and it was mostly for guidance. She also told me you are lucky to dream of him because she had him for 20years and it just stopped , she can’t access to him anymore. He’s a man that cannot do much for you, but guide you, he got awnsers and even if he doesn’t have them he will seek for you. Sorry for my english trying my best here. He is like a good grandfather djin, always calm , very calm and reassuring. When she get trouble or when she was in depression a bit. He help huide and protect.
On that note i wish you the best

Almost forgot , if ever he appears seated at a table writing numbers. You should try to focus on them to remember, cause it’s luky number

There’s a chance it may or may not have been Forneus in my case, or maybe it was this other entity your mother saw as well… but who is he supposed to be then? I’m intrigued, but I haven’t seen him again sadly =/

Thank you so much for telling me your experience! Let me know if she mentions anything else about it!!!

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And by the way, I don’t think Forneus (if it was truly him that I saw) agreed to my initial request, because it’s been a few days and I haven’t seen or heard from him again.

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Just a quick update: I’ll stick to the RHP for now. I was curious about the LHP, but honestly I have no big favors to ask from any spirit or anything, I’m not even interested in baneful magick, so I can’t see how it could benefit me in any way.

Regarding Forneus, I had a lucid dream where I was back at this place full of light where I saw the old man, and it was kind of confirmed it was Forneus because this time he appeared as a sort of warrior angel with shiny armor and everything, but as soon as he saw me, he attacked me (he just threw himself at me like he was going to devour me or something). So I said “yeah ok it’s a nope for me, I’ll nope the F out.” I was surprised because I’d read he’s one of the few more benevolent ones, so it was totally unexpected, but whatever. (Again I clarify I didn’t summon him through his sigil or anything at all.)

Next day I connected through the Tarot to either confirm or clarify the current state of the connection and what he thinks of me, and the two cards that came up were 3 of Swords Rx and Queen of Swords Rx respectively, so yeah, it’s quite negative the way I see it, and totally different from what came up initially.

So, I’ll stick to the RHP.

I had brief contact with Forneus during a ritual. He responded to me quickly and later he appeared to me in a vision in which he walked beside me with his arm wrapped around my shoulder snugly, as if protecting me. He appeared robust and much taller than me. I’ve been ruminating over this and I’d like to contact him again. This time I’d like to prepare for him specifically and set my alter to accommodate him with elements that he prefers, such as colors, spices, incense, crystals, etc. Does anyone have any knowledge about his preferences?