Forced astral travel

Hello, I am a Korean and can not speak English well. Please understand.
I want to know if a forced astral travel is possible.
First of all, I do not have the ability to travel directly to Astral.
Can someone else take me and travel to Astral?
I really want to travel to Astral.
I hope someone can help me.
thank you.

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You asked this same question last year:

Have you followed the advice given in that thread, and asked a spirit to help pull you out?


It is possible, at least in my experience. My evil ex used to pull me out of my body while I was sleeping (the cheating bastard would be sharing a bed with someone else and STILL want to talk to me…).

I found it incredibly annoying (let me sleep in peace!), but you could always ask a friend (human or not) with astral experience to help you.

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Yes but…


I did not succeed. It seems that talent is lacking. I need someone’s help.

You know it’s not an instant thing, right? You could have been pulled out right away, but just have no conscious memory of it. It takes time to learn how to remember your astral experiences. You have to keep doing it over and over again. You can’t ask once and poof! you’re astral travelling.

What spirits did you work with?

Edit: I should add that having a spirit or another person pull you out of your body will not suddenly confer the ability to travel astrally upon you. You will still have to learn how to do it on your own.


Being forced into a projection doesn’t make you able to perceive the projection. That’s like jumping into water and expecting to instantly know how to swim like you’re in the Olympics. You’ll be blind in all your senses or atleast dulled down significantly. The best way is to work your way up practicing. Everyone has the ability to project their consciousness into their any of their other bodies.

But the situation is very urgent.

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