Forced Astral Projection

How does one get a demon to force themselves into the astral world

It would be better to develop yourself to the point that you can do it yourself instead of forced projection in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

Try this,and let us know the results.


I wanna do it too but I can’t I tried many times but nothing


Tell us what holds you back.
Why the fuck am I talking like a psychologist anyways :joy:


Everytime I try I enter the vibration state but I can’t go out I think I can’t relax much I tried many times but nothing


Try to create a falling effect.
Every breath you inhale,feel you are climbing a tree or a rope,when you exhale just hold where you are,repeat it everytime and I think you will be succeed.


you are psychiatrist :joy::v:t2:


I think you have to wait for the vibrations to end then relax then project yourself from your body. Try it out it others done it! :call_me_hand:t4:

So it’s the conscious mind that leaves, not an astral body?

The mind projects into the astral the body is a formation for the consciousness to interact with its surroundings.

It usually makes projection “easier” when approached that way instead of trying to “get out” of your body.


I read that it’s possible to materialize yourself once you can master astral projection and interact with people around you.

The book that mentions materializing is “Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing” by William Walker Atkinson.

I have been able to astral project one time after reading a self hypnosis book for about a month.

I did read somewhere that there is an area in the brain that when touched with an electrode causes an out of body experience.


With the people around you?


You meaning interact astrally?

Or interact with people you appear to here?

Wouldn’t they have to have senses developed enough to believe it if you did?

If you’re appearing to physical people it’s not astral projection, but often times random people can feel you when you have a physical projection.


Yes, you can materialize. Say you astral projected to a concert. You can materialize and then talk to those at the concert.

I am not really sure. I need to read the book further and see what it says. I’m still working on astral projection.

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Then you’ve gone from astral projecting to physically projecting

Astral is a plane it it’s own you don’t astral project to a physical location, you can transition from one plane to another astral to physical to etheric, etc.

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Would that be considered teleporting?
I had something strange happened two time for sure, maybe three.
I was suddenly in someone else’s backyard for a few seconds and inside their house for a few seconds.
I have no idea if it was astral projection or not.

I have even had animals get out of cages, just because I thought about taking them out and another time one was in a cage and I put a different one in there. I have no idea what any of that even is.

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This confused me

Having not yet done it I’ve got nothing to relate it to. Only what others say

In the NAP book he suggests you can use it to spy on people basically