For the last while

I haven’t been doing any left hand path practices. The last time I did anything was several long months ago when I planned on doing a ritual to Na’amah. I got off from work, ran home, set up the altar, and bolted to a party. I thought I could get the emotional fuel (sexual lust) to work the ritual. However, I had a terrible encounter that soured my mood entirely. I did the ritual, but only because I planned it.

Since that night, I didn’t really do anything on the darker paths. I consider lhp magick complex, and so I’m under the impression it’s on the advanced side. When I did the Na’amah ritual, I didn’t feel ready. Plus, I experienced a moment of fear that I call “spookiness.” Going by the logic I find on this sight, “spookiness” is the spirit testing you. Still, I did not feel like I passed. So I decided to keep to the lighter stuff for until I’m ready.

My main go to book is Practical Candle Burning Magick by Raymond Buckland. It’s easy to follow, but it hasn’t been successful. I’ve been prepping for work with planetary magick. It seems complex but I’m able to follow along. I still consider planetary magick “celestial” magick, in that you’re dealing with the powers that shape and govern creation, as opposed to infernal powers which destroy and rebirth.

The issue I have is that this is still kind of close to Yahweh. Last night, I performed the “Pyramid of Jupiter” and had to chant Yahweh’s name. It was embarrassing. I’m worried I’m moving away from the left hand path, but I’m not yet ready to go back to it’s practices. I still follow the philosophy. Above all, I’m worried if by calling upon the forces of light, they’ll move me down a path I don’t like. A normal and dull path.

Is this direction of starting with lighter stuff and moving to the darker stuff later a good idea? Should I be worried of being led down a path of normalcy? Or am I just being paranoid? Am I able to work with celestial and infernal forces? What is the best way to perform left hand path practices?


if your mood needs to be right, you’re operating at animal levels of being dictated to by your environment. Sure, emotion matters, but you have to master it. It’s not easy and it won’t be one stretch of study then you’re Done, “There” and able to control all emotion, but like any skill, it can be learned. :+1:

Yes, IMO: you can’t finally become fully rounded black magician unless you can do this. Fearing the light is no different to being a Christian fundie who fears ghost stories because they’re “satanic.” But there’s no rush.

Why not step outside the dark/llight thing for a bit and study one of the natural routes, working with classical pantheons (Norse, Greek, Roman, Indian, etc) and nature and the elements?

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To be honest, I feel that there is more to him than we think.

I can relate. It’s not as easy as the Pros make it out to be.

For some of us yes.

As a paranoid guy I can’t answer that :joy::joy::joy:

Some people do and have had sucess in this.

LOL, yeah I’m like a Christian fundie.

Yes, ideally I’d be working with them over Yahweh. I’d like for celestial magick to be reworked so you can use them in place.

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Where you chanting his name or formula and word of power which is often misconstrued as being the name of an entity. Words such as YHVH and ADONAI and others in my experience don’t really connect to spirits unless you intentionally think of it as such but rather are representative of universal currents of power that connect the self to the larger universe to control those forces.

I personally do not see myself as a black magician or a light/white/anything else magician but just a magician and chaos sorcerer(Mainly because I like the ring of that). All powers are open to me if I want to explore and utilize them and I don’t choose to limit myself really to left or right hand paths but use both as the benefit and serve well.

Lingering too long on dark paths is not really healthy for you and neither is the light too much. I find it much more preferable to dance between the light and dark bringing both to bear in intricate (to me) patterns and paths. Do not think of words of power as calling upon some human conception of god but rather the varied powers of the universe from the source which exists only to create and destroy indiscriminately and with all things stemming from that source all things have the innate potential to inherit that power if the right conditions are met in both elevation of consciousness but also conditioning of your existence to in short not blow yourself up.


I can see the Dark as being dangerous due to the fact that it’s mostly Chaos energy but how can too much Light be bad?

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I made the same discovery: Hoover, Jacuzzi, Photoshop - El? And Other Trademarked Godnames.




Ahhh thank you for the Answer!

Well in how I understand it chaos is more neutral is all powers and forces and potential embodied but light or positive polarities can just as easily blind one and lead them merrily to their destruction as the dark can. While the dark might drive one to depression for instance the light can have someone completely ignoring their problems believing everything is fine until it is too late. The failings of the dark in areas such as pride and arrogance are also reflected in the light manifesting in different fashions but relying on the same neutral bases to play off of.


Idk why but I’ve always had a preference for Blue energy over those others.

Balance isn’t easy but it seems necessary…

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Blue is just one color of energy and like any other color of energy has both light and dark aspects in it unless you are referring to some specific thing in which case I personally feel a name change is in order. I prefer working with both sides as they call me and I tend to swing back and forth like a pendulum maybe working with say angelic forces one day and demonic entities the next.

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Yeah, its allied with black and white

That’s how I felt until I decided to leave both…

I find Gods to have more Neutral Energies.

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Sometimes you just have to say fuck it and do whatever for a while until you find something suitable for what you want.