For all books that aint worth SHIT

That combined with the Book of Deadly names, ish a very good combo.


Yeah I have the paperback version, but i’ve always wanted the hard cover.

it’s really well made.

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I have plenty of books even the damn bible it makes a very goo thing combined with Demonology by James. That moment when King James translated the Bible between 1604 and 1611 and prior - in 1597 he wrote a book named Daemonologie.! It’s history.


And this one, ish a bit hard to buy. It is sold only in Ukraine, in either russian or swedish language. Untitled


are you sure? I’ve read posts were people actually like this book. what makes you think so?

I have not read such posts nor am I omniscient. I understand people have different opinions about things, so I can accept someone actually liking the book, perhaps even getting good results from it. I however think its fluffy bullshit and will likely continue to do so. Though the last time I read it was in my early 20’s, so I might eventually give it another chance if I get bored enough


I see, well everyone has their views.

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:sweat_smile: too many of you dont get that this thread is for books you DISLIKE,
there is a additional thread for the goodies… :cold_sweat: meow

I love hp lovecraft


Here’s a link to the thread for good books. This current thread is for bad books :wink:


If I see someone list physical dictionaries, thesauruses, antonym tomes (yeah, some thesauruses neglect the lovely opposites) then I’m going to fully disagree.

Now encyclopedias… that depends. They have merit if you can house them and get one set from each decade to every 5 year span.


I don’t see any use of maths unless u r into science/commerce instead of humanitarian after High school.
Yea, If I paid a bit more attention in my math class may be my dream of becoming a scientist, Chartered accountant may have materialized.
Studying , instead of LHP rituals also materializes things.

Maybe I played too many rpgs with pencil and paper that required lots of math. Ahhh good times.


The Exorcist Handbook aint worth shit except for the meditations

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Suppose the answer is ‘X’ . :rofl:

isn’t that a movie?

Wish it was a movie, would’ve been more interesting to read

Tho forreal the meditations in the book are great, but the whole shit is not what I’d call exorcism 101 more like exorcism for playgroup

Oh no any desk job or even retail is math. I suffer daily for not being strong in math but my computer skills help me push past. When you know excel formulas to solve math it makes a difference.


I would have to say some of Daemonic Dream’s books look too good to be true. I was introduced to them when I purchased a beautiful Rosicrucian cross talisman from The TalisMan. I own two books from them and they aren’t bad at all. But some of the claims they have with other books are pure absurdity.

Liber Falxifer The left handed reaper. Not a useless book, has even some dark energies to it but is not worth of it’s price.