For all books that aint worth SHIT

Oh sorry I misunderstood in that case anything written by raven claw. Lol

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While the book never really appealed to me i have read of many other who got some good results from it. Although it isn’t exactly simple work to do unless your good at improvising and submerging into the work from what i understand. Mostly chaos magick loosely based around Sumerian lore and a pinch of lovecraftian flavoring for hype.

Hey, I’ve gotten good use out of it…of course I do use Chaos Magick as a rule when desired.


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I was looking through a book called “Drawing down Belial”.

After I flipped through it, I put it back on the shelf, before stating “I already knew that…”.

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I never said it was worthless but i can tell you from my own experiences with the “things and powers” of the lovecraftian current that book isn’t connected to it energetically :laughing:


the few that i hate the most are “words of power” and “the greater words of power,” both by damon brand, absolutely worthless imo. i have others that i would call useless but i have never successfully read through them.


yep i brought this book i still have it but after staying up till 3:00am for about five different nights and getting absolutely fck all response decided it was complete rubbish if it wasn’t for the fact i totally respect books i would have used it to light the fire with long ago my ase can conjour up more fire and brimstone than this can daily anyone out there if your thinking of it don’t .

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Hi @SITHISIT the first words of power for me was fantastic and worked so well life was a dream it made everything so easy it was boring, that was the first magick book i ever brought along with magickal protection i did the 38 day magickal protection ritual first and as soon as i finished that i did, end bad luck and make your money go further from w.o.p all truly magickal but i didn’t get on at all with the greater words of power .

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at least someone had some benefit with one of them. i might give the book a second chance.

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the spellbook is the 50names section of the actual simon nec.
~so its kind of a ripoff

The simon necronomicon is more about gates and sumerian stuff,
and making a devil of azag-thoth and kutulu and tiamat…

Ironicly, this makes me wanna combine bboa with some draconian workings

i made that mistake too…
~its even more pointless for anyone who is not english native
(they sort of translated hebrew into english)

thinking about it, i cant blame people for choosing the spellbook over the “necronomicon”
since the spellbook is the nec. but without the stuff that kinda insults all those entities i wanna work with.

btw: “alhazred’s”? descriptions sound like a lovecraft tale
(maybe not a good sign)

a stone lifting, tentacles or snakes coming from the ground beneath the place where the stone with the carvings was…odd fumes from strange greens,

“ia ia zi azag ia ia azag ia ia kutulu zi kur ia”

like i said it is chaos magick loosely based around Sumerian lore and a sprinkling of Lovecraft lore. doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for people drawn to it since it is built into a system of its own. if mostly built by the author.

I wouldn’t recommend combining systems in this way unless you have a good level of practical experience from both to know if they can safely be combined or have a teacher physical or spiritual who can guide you a bit in it.

some energies do not mix well and can end like a very bad lab experiment complete with detonations and ruin, except in this case the destroyed lab is your life.

I understand the impulse if you are having a lack of practical success in your practice but this is why it is generally a good idea to make sure you build good foundations so you know when and if something is providing results positive or negative. hence why sticking with one tradition or system for long enough to tell if it is a good match for you is always a good idea. Most can take 6 months to a year of really digging into it to notice long term changes related to it.

Some longer if the operation is focused on transformation in a specific system like in the book "kabbalah and the great work of self transformation
" that one from whats in it takes a minimum of about 3 years to go through all the elemental grades if i am remembering correctly.

and As i said from my own experiences the “simon” books have nothing to do energetically with the current, regardless of the smattering of story thrown in.


Any book by Silver Ravenwolf.


Her book on Spirit Guides :expressionless:


Ya I got that one because of the author but I found Chants of Belial way better.

I personally collect book. As for scams ? Neh it all depends now, even an invention can make some things if you have a well imagination.


Is that a real Smokeless Fire ?

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Yes !