For all books that aint worth SHIT

Did you buy books in the past, and felt like totally scammed?
~Of course you did! You are into the occult after all!

Here is where we all put in books, that you consider
either not worth buying, since there is a better alternative,
or that have been pointless from the start.


The ones at the local bookstore in the Wicca section…


Thats not completely true, some actually give …something usefull…
~This thread is, in relation to another i will create in a few minutes,
to SHOW what you lost your money on, so no one else will.


The Gates of the Necronomicon “by” Simon

(the guy only wrote the foreword and edited the “necronomicon”…he gets credit for things he did not translate.)

over 400 pages, of which 200 are nothing but timetables,
and its useless without the “actual” “necronomicon”

ALL the damn gates are there, in the book from the 70s.

And this book “about” the gates, is stuffed with pages over pages with foreword and history, about which i dont care a flying flip about.


IMG_3017 IMG_3012

D.j conways dancing with dragons .By far the worst “magick” book I have read


I understand where this opinion comes from and i support it in one way but If it wasnt for those books i wouldnt have had a start at all.
Then ofc alot i learned in the past have been reevaluated or totaly discarded but it doesnt change the fact that it started all for me and hey for some it may be the right way to ho.


Conway is at least somewhat responsible for my disbelief in magic for so long.


“the simon necronomicon spellbook”

Now, its the SAME price as the “simon”-“necronomicon”
but its merely extracted material from it LITERALLY
See for yourself.


This book, is not worth buying -we all have the pdf lying around on our harddrives,
better get the “actual” “simon”-“necronomicon” so you will have what you want in your hands to work with.

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I’ve collected books in my magical library for years the best that I have by far is an actual copy of the red dragon Grimoire. The Goetia all three books of Solomon and the Necronomicron

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(NOT a useless book, but it offers fairly little for a price unworthy in comparison)


NOTE: Any book without numbered pages, will have some issues.
Its lazyness or the pointless attempt to hide the low page count.

Now… i really LIKE this book, it was nice when i didnt knew, that for double the money,
i could get something like “lilith goddess of sitra ahra” -but i write about that in the other thread

IMG_3019 IMG_3020 IMG_3018 IMG_3021

A little history on lillith, how the bullshit that she was the “first wife” was invented by a rabbi in the middle ages, and a few words about the sumerian practices… again, i like this book, but there are better ones for less money per page.

And a cute italian prayer :3

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This thread is about the books nobody needs…put your recommendations in the other thread.

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Its all a google search can tell you, but in print
-and little, if anything added to what John Kreiter wrote.
(but this book i bought for 13€ and Kreiters for 9, and it got less work in it)

The difference between this book and Kreiters, is that its a mere listing, ok, you can do that,
but all he did was publish a list of the steps by Kreiter, and add some abstraction to it which is restricted to saying “you know, all energy can feed this thing”…

if you can get kreiter’s book -get it



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VETURANOMICON, by “Marcus Lamont”

This book, is ONE BIG INSULT.

~Over 30 euros on ebay, but a uncounted, and small mass of utter CRAP.

if a book tells you stuff any child could think of on its own,
then its truly a piece of shit.

It offers NOTHING, since anyone can “come up with” saying stuff like this:
oh great azathoth, drown my enemies with thy madness, this is my will so mote it be

this crap, i just made up -like anyone with half a brain can, but they published a book about this shit…

Its merely 3 mm “thick” WITH the cover.

IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3048 IMG_3047

Just buy lovecrafts books, DO IT -its actually worth it,
and i bought the more or less “complete” fiction of him (over 1100 pages)
for merely 12 euros.

Things going for the fiction:

A bunch of stories to open yourself to the old ones!
IMG_2993 IMG_3001

Here, for you guys i actually messured the substance of this insult that is the “Veturanomicon”.

IMG_3055 IMG_3057 IMG_3056


All the mathematics books from class 1 to 10. There is Calculator!!!, why need maths?

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Seligmann’s “History of magic” was already in my house, in fact it was the book that got me interested in Magic and, later, esotericism (e.g. Guénon) and spirituality in general.
Another of my first readings was the infernal book… Both aren’t completely bad and useless, but the first is anthological and the second folksy. Going to the sources is better.
Afterwards I bought “Initiatic techniques” which may be partially valid but also mixed with New Age, that is, poetical feel good stuff and some modern inventions.

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Most of the English translation of Agamas ( Indian tantra scriptures ). Some are even worse than Google translation.

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“Witch”, by Lisa Lister.
That transphobic magicless shit has got the amazing power to make you throw up everything you read on it.


Off topic AND its good to use your brain. :wink:
~today we tend to google things instead of thinking about them.
But its a good feeling and fairly practical, to be able to handle yourself.


Edit: Ok, its not completely useless… i guess…
but its more like worth to be sold for 5 or 7 euros, not over 30!?!

If i ignore my frustration about the money, i see a adorable little booklet.
~And it might be useful for day to day matters since…lets be honest:
those cute little spells are nothing you would do much different, since its really that basic.

Some things are fairly queer like: Why would you call for yogsothoth for protection?
~Sure he opens, knows, is, and closes the gates, but why exactly for protection?

Wouldnt be Shub Niggurath a better fit, since its supposed to be about pathways, lust and stuff?

There should be esoteric libraries in every town/city as mandatory. Or at least, a proper section within the exiting libraries. I have only seen an esoteric public library in a town in England, but it is not the rule. Then, reading that booklets wouldn’t be so psychologically and economicaly traumatic. By the way, you have a very special energy. It atracts me.

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