Food offerings

What do you do with the food or chocolate you offer to a God or Goddess?
Do you throw it away?
Keep it somewhere?
Or burn it or something?

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If you try using the search function in the upper right, you will find multiple threads answering that very common question. Just type in “disposing of offerings.”

It would go bad fast if you leave it for them to drain the energy out of it.

So you probably would not want to eat it.

This thread might help you:

Check out the comments, you can find useful ones.

Usually I serve all of my food and water to Lord Krishna, which means that I don’t have to throw it away, or burn it etc., at all. In His case, it’s better if you eat it or give it to others, even to animals, because it’ll help a lot (very important thing: it’s better to not offer meat to Krishna). You don’t have to wait too much, you can eat it after you offered it to Him.

In other cases, if I offer drink or food to other entities, like Belial, or Sitri, or Abaddon etc. I usually handle them differently, depends on the entity itself and my intention, the reason of why I’m offering it.

Keep it in mind: you have a human body, which means that it might cause very bad effects on it if you eat something what you offered and left out for too long, and anyway, feasting from what you offered, depends on the entity itself, can cause additional effects as well (good or bad as well).

Sometimes I drink or eat the food I offering to my beloved ones, like Belial’s red wine. It gave me a very intense effect, and I felt like it boosted my energy with his powerful, flaming aura.

Just be careful and don’t want to swallow anything you offered. Of course it can be risky, but what’s not in magick?


I eat it immediately after or after a few minutes.

Also, I like the image

It depends on the spirit.

Sometimes they’ll instruct you to eat it. Others will instruct you to burn or bury it.

Ask the spirit in question before doing anything.