Food offering... and bugs

Hi all, how do you deal with bugs if you want to leave a big dish of spaghetti or chocolate on the altar of an entity ? Even if it’s only for 24 or 48h
Can’t I just let the chocolate in it’s packaging, same for the dish with aluminium ?
I want to avoid ants and cockroaches, it’s not a farm here :upside_down_face:

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Yes it’s fine to leave it covered or wrapped in it’s packaging.


I don’t use traditional offering methods really, so I don’t open some things until I’m ready to consume them, and I don’t leave offerings more than a few hours if they are prepared.

Like I love this Pepsi nitro cream soda, so I’ll set an unopened can on my ancestor altar, tell them it’s for them and come back later and drink it.

I might leave it there unopened a week and completely forget about it. With ancestors it seems to always taste/feel the same with other spirits you can tell they touched it, the flavor will be off.

My morning cup of coffee for example though, I take up hot and set it on my altar, indicate who it’s from and then come back for it and dump or drink it later.

My ancestors are pretty set on my consuming their offerings, and I don’t offer to much outside of them so I usually do.

I do give offerings to local, land, nature and roaming spirits, (whatever you call it, mostly plants and animals) but I do that out in my backyard under a tree, so it can be smelly gross and big covered, it’s far enough away to not harm the home.