Follow up on the Azazel blood pact ritual, did anybody experince something new?

I just finally got my black all the way through candles from the post office, and I decided to watch again the video of the blood pact with Azazel and do my part, and I must say, it was quite powerful!

I got my weapon, which was a double bladed and double edge sword with a black leather handle and some kind of white silk thread running through it.

But as well as getting a weapon, I was suddenly in a trans, where my hands started moving towards and around my head, I began to see some kind of a black metalic crown form around my head as I moved my hands around, as if the crown was being formed by my own hands.

Afterwards I stated my intentions and included a protection from my enemies for myself and my family, from that I suddenly saw the face of a man who I know quite well and has been bothering me and my family for years now. There I took my sword and impaled him through the heart, afterwards I sat for a while and meditated then I closed the ritual and blew out the candles.

This was defenitly the most successful ritual I have made so far and I am so glad I made the pact with Azazel. I have acually noticed that he can be called out whenever without any tools!, I have also started to “know” things even before it happens, its like I am gaining power as time passes.

Just wanted to know what kind of experiences people are having and how to have a good relationship with your evoked/blood pact entity?


@Siggi Im finding rituals very distracting. Being taught to use my will instead of physical objects “tools” which makes sense cause you can use it whenever, where ever.

Finding theres no separation. Just need to think and questions are answered. Need something and there it is. Also finding that calling on other beings much easier and without the use of sigils. Trance states come quicker.

Mind expanding and pieces of puzzles seem to click from experiences years ago. Some information is provided by external sources.

I personaly align my will with his and find it suitable. Take the advice im given and act upon it. Always ask questions when not sure.

Interesting about the crown. I recieved a sphere/Orb that seems to shapeshift into different things. One form being armor. When this happens mind goes blank and a feeling of raw power.

Still have alot of work to do and tests to complete. Looking forward to it.
Glad you had a powerful ritual.


Unbelievable things are happening in my life. Since the Azazel rite, I have changed as a person; and I continue to change as a person.

I have tremendous amount of power, and yet, the growth of my power is matched the growth of my compassion. That was not what I expected, and yet, it makes sense. Love/Compassion is the most powerful energy in the Universe. The Universe is Love. With a tremendous increase in Power, one needs more compassion to regulate oneself; otherwise, the ego takes over, and the power will be misused.


So he gave you a weapon or you had one already?

I got a weapon this time, before on the 21’st of jan, it did not materialize for me and also I did not before have all the right tools, (as in my candles were not black all the way through)

although I did feel the heavy energy hit me in my chest so hard that I had to leave the place where I was just to get some air! at ecxacly 10:30 am, Reykjvík, Iceland time of the 21’st. The time I believe e.a. Koetting and J.s. Garrett were performing the Ritual of Azazel…

But now finally having all the right tools, I did the ritual with e.a. koetting video and it worked perfectly!

He gave the participants their very own unique weapon that only they can wield.

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Similar yet different to you in many ways. I csn PM you the experience if you wish.

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Yes, I would defenitly want to hear your experience, pm me :slight_smile:

is this video on youtube? I’d like to give it a try one day.

Nope only for the partcipants of the pact. ^^

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Will do soon enough.

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@davolaki also finding my experiences more positive brother. Massive amounts of growth and change. More campassion which was also unexpected, inward and outwards.

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@curiousram you can work from the Book “Azazel: Steal fire from the gods” create your own pact and work with Azazel if thats what your called to do.

Yes the weapon was given to us, though i didnt realise what it was at the time.