Even with grounding and meditation, which I must admit is not done perfectly since I’m still learning, I feel my energy is all over the place.

I wish I could be more centered,less anxious, more calm and focused on one thing at a time. So I would like to know which spirits could help with this? Thank you.

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Turn off the lights - light an incense - total darkness - close your eyes and just listen…!
Estas Tonne - Internal Flight - YouTube


I apologise firstly as I’m not really answering your question here

But try Wim Hof breathing method

Easily learned with a few minutes on YouTube

I personally find it incredibly helpful for focus

I can get down deep into my subconscious fast with it and actually listen to MYSELF

When I say myself, I mean it’s where I learn to be still, observe and find my intuition I guess

It’s just too noisy often in my own head and I don’t know what’s me apart from everything else going on in it

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This is something you need to work on yourself, without depending on spirits.

Meditation and breathwork should be your go-to for this.


You answered your own question. This isn’t one to take shortcuts on, or try to give away to entities that may or may not be under your control or have your best interests at heart. Magick is work if you want to get good at it. Practice, practice, practice.

What Darkest said, basically.


the lords prayer in Aramaic…
Musical Aramaic rendition of the Our Father that moved the pope in Georgia - YouTube
hauntingly beautiful. this is evocation lol. what chance would a dark entity have up against this ?
maybe an exorcism ? this should do it …!
Prayer of Spiritual Protection / Exorcism / Ward off Evil - Vade Retro Satana! - YouTube
Catholics do it better … lol.
Rita Ora Sings At Mother Teresa’s Canonization In Vatican City - YouTube

Feeling better ?

A little more risky ? Ok…!
David Garrett feat. Andrea Deck - Paganini der Teufelsgeiger Io ti penso amore HD - YouTube

Ah I see…
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker - YouTube

Over to you DK…!

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