Fixing low self-esteem : which god or goddess is best?


Looking to help an adult individual with low -selfesteeem. Which god or goddess or demon is best?


So far i’d recommend these two, Haagenti and Orias. Both work on the mind and personality directly. They can change how a person (yourself included) think and act. If you have Anxiety you can also call on Ipos.

Here are two spells thanks to another member here where i learned, and have worked with, these Daemons.


I second the above reply. Also, any spirit with a loving or caring personality can help. Having a loving energy around can help heal some of the mental pain associated with low self esteem and depression.


I’d say just about all of them. I’ve yet to encounter any spirits with self esteem issues. What you might want to look at is their other qualities. Also ask yourself what self esteem means to you, what would help to boost it for you on a personal level? Would being eloquent and witty do it for you? Are you all about your worth being tied to sex appeal? Are you more achievement based for your confidence/self worth? Once you narrow this down it would be easier to recommend a spirit to work with.