Fixed a machinery with the help of Bualu the Angel of Omnipotence

Summary (as i went in to a lot of unnecessary details, lol): Water purifier unit stopped working, tried contacting the company servicing but no reply, did the ritual after much consideration and BOOM MAGIC, lol, ofcourse not; got the guidance and confidence to do it myself (with the help of my dad) by using a little brains and it’s now working even better than before.

So yesterday I woke up to the news that the water purifier in our house has stopped working, whole day I tried to contact the customer service of the company but there was no reply, I even contact amazon helpline and they said that it’ll take 11days for a reply from the company.

By the end of the day there was no water and I had to go out and buy water cans. At night I remembered again about asking for help from the Angels, this thought was there at the back of my head from the morning but I didn’t want to ask the Angels help for something so small, but by the end of the day it was clear that this was not something small and at that moment without any further excuses i decided.

Afters I checked all the books for 1½ hour and in no book did I find any Angel that helps fix water purifier unit, lol. But in the end when I was about to give up I opened the book Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Tempest (check this book if you haven’t already, fr) and there I found one of Angel Bualu’s sigil which as written by the author himself helps mechanical or technological devices keep running smoothly. (Let’s gooooooo, lol, this was my reaction at the moment)

Took a shower with the water that was left (cleaned up, got in the right state of mind and got down to it) I must have done the “main ritual” for just about 3-5 minutes, (I already had noted down the outline for the ritual, so it didn’t take long) but I had absolute belief, like I didn’t need to believe because I knew that it would work because it was an Angel of Omnipotence against a water purifier unit, lol.

The next day (today) no change, until in the afternoon when my dad said we should check it out ourselves, even if the repair men come they are going to charge anyway, so we both opened up the whole units tank and then I got the idea to take photos of the wires and pipes before we open it all up (and make things worse,lol) it was all clogged up and had a lot of dirt in it, cleaned it all up, both me and my dad and some way or the other (still don’t know how) fixed it all back by looking at the photos.
And BOOM MAGICk (lol) now it works even better than before. I checked the water using the TDS meter and first the water was always between 18-19 and now it’s between 7-9.

Truly grateful to Bualu the mighty Angel of Omnipotence.

P.s. Going to take a bath :joy:


Sweet! Congratulations and thanks for telling us about it :smiley:

I’m a fan of the Angels of Omnipotence though I haven’t worked with Bualu yet, now I want to look into doing that.