Five Readings

Hi everyone,

Peace to you all.

I will do five Tarot readings, but I will choose the lay of the card spread, I might do a Celtic Cross, a seven card, a three card, a love reading spread, or what my intuition feels is necessary to help you. After five, I will close for now. as always, I try to help whoever, when ever I can, and that will not change.

But please, pray you all, first five, first come, first served.

As Above, So Below


Im down. What knowledge do i need to know about my practices?

Can u do a reading for me please, my human name is Stanley, I want to know what spirits around me.

May I please have a reading?

Hey !
I would like one please
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes… fifth :blush:.

Can I have one too… thanks

Thank you @diogenes. I’d love one and PM’d you from your other divination thread earlier today (which I can’t find now) - hence replying to this. :sunflower:

(I’ve only just started using the other functions on my account such as PM so think/hope it worked and I’ve offered an exchange).

I would like one reading .

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What about me? Can I have one ?

can i please have one😊

Can I get one please :blush:

I’ll take a reading based on your intuition if you’re still accepting requests.
Thank you!

I’ll take a reading if your still offering?

Hi Nimosdomus

Peace to you.

I have cleansed and cleared my sacred spaces, said a prayer and a blessing of protection over the reading, anointed myself with grounding oils and placed crystals around the reading.

I use the Rider-Waite if you wish to research further, and I performed a Celtic Cross for you.

  1. The Situation. The Ace of Wands. You have passion, growth and ambition to succeed.

  2. Obstacles. The Moon, reversed. You have self-doubt, doubt in yourself and your abilities and fear of deception.

  3. Influence of a Higher Power. The ten of pentacles…this is a card of inheritance, family loyalty, legacy and power, especially patriarchal power, and I get a sense that you are being protected by a powerful father-like figure.

  4. What the Seeker possesses. The two of pentacles, reversed. There is an inability to juggle too many different things, leading to a sense of being overwhelmed. In the reverse, the two of pentacles can show that Karmic Law has been invoked. In the Rider-Waite, the juggler has two large pentacles, and those pentacles are bound together by a green rope. In the reverse, the juggler drops the pentacles, and breaks the rope, exc…

  5. Recent past. The five of pentacles, reversed…Loneliness, desolation, material and spiritual destitution. Those institutions which would offer help are being shut down, so those in need are being turned away.

  6. Near future. Reversed Ace of pentacles. Reversed, there is a lack of money, abundance and prosperity, a lack of generosity in the Seeker’s life.

  7. The Seeker. The six of pentacles. Charity and generosity, but also power-plays, favoritism and a lack of equality. Generosity and charity are at a price.

  8. Environment. The Lord of Strength, the nine of wands. Fighting, holding your own against adversaries, stubbornness and defending yourself and your boundaries. Fighting for cause and yourself.

  9. Hopes/Fears of Seeker. The reversed nine of swords. Dark night of the soul, prolonging of grief, sorrow. There is loss, grave disappointment, living in your own headspace.

  10. Outcome. The Knight of Swords. A warrior, a soldier of strength, who is quick, agile and able, highly intelligent and a champion for the truth and just cause.

You are being watched over. You will have a champion. Moreover you will be heard.

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Peace to you.

I have blessed and placed protections around this reading.

  1. Temperance-an archangel, some decks say Uriel, mixing two different substances to make a new substance. Balance and harmony.

  2. Judgement-Gabriel, calling all to Judgement. Listening to a higher power, heeding the call of a higher power, finding your life’s purpose.

  3. The ten of pentacles- ancestral spirits are influencing you heavily right now, and surrounding you.

  4. The Knight of Pentacles-grounding and heavy energies, this card is upright, so these earth spirits mean you well and will help you.

  5. Ace of cups-spirits of water…think Temperance, where the heavenly Angel has a foot in the water of the spirit…you are finding favor. This is a very good reading. You may feel stagnate, but you are being cared for, Stanley.

As Above, So Below


Peace to you.

I drew five cards for you.

  1. The King of pentacles…business and expansion of commerce, business partnerships, wealth, money, luxury and prosperity, happiness in domestic relations.

  2. The three of pentacles, reversed. Petty squabbling, lack of attention to detail, lack of skill, mediocrity in work performance.

  3. King of Cups, reversed. Manipulation, emotional disappointment and intolerance. Poor leadership due to intolerance, hostile work environments.

  4. The Chariot, reversed. Lack of self-control, inability to lead and move forward, emotional outbursts.

  5. Ace of pentacles. A new job opportunity. Negotiating better work, situations, better pay and benefits. Improvement in working partnerships.

As Above, So Below

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Thank you.

Of course, I hope it gets better.

Thank you! You mentioned a powerful father-like figure on number 3. Would there be a way to figure out who this is? If so how can i do it?