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Wall sits are awesome (the results are, the last few seconds of the hold aren’t so fun), I’ve tried doing mine with maximum tension and a bit of internal rotation with my feet, it’s a struggle to get past 30-ish seconds for the last sets but it feels like it works.

Good luck with Krav, hope it goes well, learning to handle yourself when under pressure/ in conflict situations is so important nowadays.

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I haven’t tried any variation so far with this exercise (or getting past 3 sets, cough), I like to keep up the illusion that they are not that hard for me compared to some other really basic exercises like ANY sort of push ups :joy:

Thank you, I hope the trainer won’t obliterate my humble exercise achievements right in the beginning :grin: I also hope I’ll learn one things or two about identifying potential conflict situations or buildups to such a situation


It’s ok to not want to do more than 3 sets of wall sits, I do that many then a few burnout reps of banded squats, I wouldn’t want to do more than 3 lol. Wall push-ups can be a good start for building up to proper push-ups, especially if you apply the same internal rotation with your hands (like trying to crush the ground/wall between them, pulling movements work similar but you try to pull the bar apart and it targets the required muscle), you won’t have to do many to see some benefits and progress to harder variations.

Your trainer should hopefully take your injury into account when doing things, they’ll be keen to keep you safe and to keep attending the class. I’ve not tried it myself but Krav has a rep for training people for conflict well with simulating situations you might come across, it should be good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Meridian tapping - 2 minutes
Joint rotations/warm up - 3 minutes
Dynamic stretching - leg swings, deep squats, arm rotations X 12
Precious Eight qi gong form
Standing meditation - 5 minutes.


Warm up - bouncing in place 3 minutes
Wall pushups 2 X 15 reps.
Knee tucks 2 X 10 reps
Light static stretching

Evening (before bed):

Yoga - each asana held for 20 seconds

Crescent moon (both sides)
Forward bend
Lunge -right leg
Downward dog
Cow stretch
Cat stretch
Hero pose
Child’s pose
Hero pose
Downward dog
Lunge - left leg
Forward bend



Joint rotation/warm up - 3 minutes
Dynamic stretching - leg swings, waist rotations, arm rotations X 12
Mobility exercises - archer lunges, deep squats, shoulder opening X 3

Supersets X 2:

25 Hindu squats
4 Kettlebell halos with 25 lbs

10 Wall pushups
25 Kettlebell swings with 25 lbs


First lesson of Krav Maga today. The blood of my fists is splattered somewhere across the entire training room and on the punching pad. I will feel that tomorrow :melting_face:

Key points:
straight punches
lead and rear uppercuts
blocking light taps with hands and knees
twisting myself correctly out of different kinds of grabs (only one arm)

additional exercises
push ups
mountain climbers
side crunches
side planks


I fucked my knees up running a marathon. I do this workout for rehab.

Step ups 20x3
Atg split squat 8 or 10x5

Treadmill backwards walking for 20 minutes
Assisted sissy squat 5x5
Archer squat 8x5

Already feeling better :ok_hand:
Aslo if you guys aslo struggle with knees, hip flexor problems and or have a hard time rehabbing your body I recommend you to check out Ben Patrick and Nauda Aguilar.



Joint rotations/warm up - two minutes
Dynamic stretching - leg swings, arm rotations, waist twisting - two sets of 12
Mobility - archer lunges, deep squats, shoulder opening - two sets of 10


25 Hindu Squats
6 Kettlebell Halos with 25 lbs.
25 Hindu Squats
6 Kettlebell Halos with 25 lbs.

15 Wall Pushups
25 Kettlebell Swings
15 Wall Pushups
25 Kettlebell Swings

Light static stretching for cool down - 2 minutes