Fitness thread

As some people may know I am certified personal trainer I will make this thread to keep those of you motivated that are interested in fitness.
I been asked by members of BALG to do something similar.

Fitness is huge huge benefits in ones life.
If anyone dealing with depression or lack of energy well fitness is the way to go.

Interested to learn to work with magic and fitness I heard of people able to talk to their own body to heal. Or even talk to their hormones.
I believe we can build a pice of art work making you’re body look like us sculpted.
You will need to put in work and good have good visualization

I will post motivation videos on this thread with me or others.

I will post nutrition advice also

Exercises how to perform and the muscle engaged

May even post some meme

I will answer question from people also

Like Lord Azazel said in the book of Azazel " you must master not only soul but you’re mind and body as well "

“Solidify and strengthen your own temple and your empire will rise around you”.


Dem gainz! :muscle:


I will add these exercises in my chest routines and for triceps for the next 2 weeks.
Females can also use this exercises it won’t make you look manly. You will lose calories and help you look sexy :yum:

Always change you’re exercises every 4 at least weeks so that youre body wont hit a pleteu .
Keep your body guessing always.

I do a bit more often cause there are hundreds of thousands of exercises to chose from and I get bored fast and I may lose motivation if I don’t do that.


Dig it!!
Bookmarked :metal:


ey man that sound very interesting what is your advice/routine for someone that dosent make excercise? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Go in the gym and do a full body routine just do 3 exercises for upper body 3 sets 12 reps, do the same for lower body an other 3 exercises.
until you start seeing increase in energy.
Your motivation will kick in


Thanks man!

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Get that booty worked !


Look into some qi gong. There are programs that can be done sitting, standing or lying down.


Awesome! My advice is don’t get turf toe. It’s been over two weeks so running and walking lunges are out for me. My back seems good unless I use a flat bench for free flies, bench etc. I’m going to have to invest into an incline bench or just use a universal. There’s plenty of standing exercises. Due to back injury I don’t lift large weights so it’s a lot of resistance bands, isometrics, and slow lifting for the burns. My problem is I like the same routines and hate changing it up.

Bah! And I know better. Back surgeries don’t mean the end of exercise even if the doctors said i was through. Damn pill pushers.

Also, it gets so much harder if you’re over 40. I had to lose the weight (took 10 years to go from almost 300 to 180sh). Lots of ups and downs.


Hi @Weeble33 I would recommend you check with your doctor first before you exercise.

U would also recommend you learn to astral project and go to the emerald green lake to bathe in the green energy lake for healing.
This will heal your physical body as well if you bring the energy back with you in to the body.
Or Marbas can help you with healing so I heard.

You can do the same for your mother I believe you can also heal her by sending the wave of green energy to her.


Practice healing, learn to heal your self, wear a emerald green crystal helps with healing.
We can make miracles and heal the impossible even cancer so heard.

I my self I have injuries allover my body and I can’t wait to start my healing studies. I will focus on healing for good 5 years or more then study more of the darker arts


I would also highly recommend some hatha yoga, great for your physical and energy bodies! I don’t practice much at the moment, but I did for a couple months over the summer, and the effects on my flexibility and strength were very nice, as well as on my energy flow. My wrists even got longer, which is kind of weird but cool.

I also found that my chest was super closed and tight, and one day I looked in the mirror and was like, “I think my nipples are further apart now, wtf.” It’s amazing how much just a little stretching can help open up the physical body and promote such lightness and well-being.

Aside from helping out my physical body, though, my energetic system definitely benefited, especially my heart chakra when I opened up my chest physically. I released a lot of buried emotional stuff during that time, and ended up leaving a relationship I knew I was unhappy with. I had been suppressing my feelings for some time, and this gave me that extra push to make the healthiest decision for myself.

If you’re interested in healing, hatha yoga pairs very well with more focused energy work as well. I personally use Robert Bruce’s methods and his energy-body anatomy, but others like Reiki or Qi Gong will work too, whatever floats your boat.


Oh I’m fine to exercise. It’s just that my knees are screwed (multiple injuries over many years) so it’s hard to work out what exercise to do.


Thanks, that looks like it’d be perfect for my mum. Now it’s just getting her to actually do it!

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Mostly do machines only. And for squats see if you can do hack squats. Some ppl with bad knees can’t do it. I my self I got terrible knees and I can hack squat.
Mostly focus on leg press machines and see if leg extensions also hurts you

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Still look into healing those knees don’t leave em like that.

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Oh I am sorry but I believe your case is way out of my training field.
I would recommend tho you don’t train hamstrings and quads at all then. Just do upper body and work on your calf muscles.

Also can you do straight leg dead lifts?

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Very very cool thread concept bro! Awesooome!

I do fitness and work with demons, angels, the source, living as the cosmos, ever expanding upon my individual self (inbetween being all and then upgrading my individual self-perspective)

I get seriously nice results and even the flux forces ever improves… :slight_smile:

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Go Gym Now!