Fitness thread

Very very cool thread concept bro! Awesooome!

I do fitness and work with demons, angels, the source, living as the cosmos, ever expanding upon my individual self (inbetween being all and then upgrading my individual self-perspective)

I get seriously nice results and even the flux forces ever improves… :slight_smile:

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Go Gym Now!


I highly recommend this guy channel to watch !

I learned so much from him over the years , he gives information for free that others trainers charged for .

Check this video out Q&A great information on how to build lean muscle


Great exercise to warm up for bench press.

I like to do 10 reps with the empty bar then hold each pose for 15 seconds and keep the elbow lower close to your body, the higher elbow try to lock it up and please retract your scapula to prevent injuries.

The things we are capable of doing!

I definitely need to work on my upper body. I’ve started doing 100 press ups a day. The aim is to be able to do all 100 in one set. At the moment I can only do 9, haha!

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Nice! That’s fantastic try play around with it like put some weight on your back or put the legs on a chair and have the lower body lower higher than upper body this will work more on your upper chest and front delts

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Are press ups and push ups the same thing?
They are one and the same thing, although “press-up” is British whereas “push-up” is American. And of “press-up”: An exercise in which a person lies facing the floor and, keeping their back straight, raises their body by pressing down on their hands.

At first I thought it was a different exercise. I might have a broken toe. This turf toe totally killed my walking lunges :’(. I loved them so much. Hurts my planks and push ups as well. Running is awkward and walking is also slower. Damn… these are all my favorites. This is one case where I disagree about a training saying leg curl machines shouldn’t be used. I use them on lighter weights.

Still there are plenty of other exercises though I should stop doing biceps and triceps every day. I just can’t stop doing those.

Chest, back, lats, abs, and various upper body muscles I can’t pronounce atm need work.


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Lots of people believe that bodybuilding it’s all about just like poke your self in the bum with a needle and lift some weights and PUUFFF!! TAADAAA!!

I know a dude who took growth hormone and been working out for many years and he doesn’t look like he lifts.

Like antoine vaillant said in this video " it’s all in the mind, if the mind can conceive it you will achieve it"
When you out there in the gym you have to visualize your self the way you wana look and visualize the muscle working when you training, to get that mind muscle connection.

Enjoy the video I recommend listening with head phones.

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It happens if you become a gym addict


Is that a 30 kilo dumbbell? I finally ponied up to get a 35 and 40 lb but not a set. Money is tight and my yurt is only so big. I need to buy a rack I guess. Doubles of 25 lb and less but singles of 30-40 (I need a 45 and a 50 as I think for curls I’ve graduated enough to do a set of those. Considering most my life was sedentary it’s a slow progression.

And agree! There are mental mind games that self plays. Last night I did abs and shadow boxed with 1.5 lb gloves. Pretty light night actually.

My damn toe was throbbing all day/night.

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You need someone to take a look at that toe mate

Ah. My lovely health care. They have me scheduled to come in… a few months.

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Here’s something new for those that wana try something new.


Mmmyep I think it’s high time i unjigglify my body (except my boobs. Boobs are supposed to be jiggly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Bookmarking thread and more than welcoming to tips advice critique etc

Will take a closer peek at everything after dem breakfasts

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Subscribed. Damn! Almost all the clothing is sold out. That green arrow hoodie looked cool.

Anyways, loved the vid and D and DoubleD handles are on my next purchase list. I might have some foam ones around that will have to do in the meantime.

Yeah, my hobo hermit yurt gym looks pretty terrible to any real gym but I make do and can modify what I have to emulate many of those exercises. It won’t be easy.

I need to buy a bench that inclines. Damn me for buying just a flat one.

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The worst are those Protein Amino Farts after taking the supplements. Can you imagine that Big Black Brutha Hulk would have monstrous ones.

Anyway, I dont do roids, bit am going to try alternatives see if this Crazy Bulk Stack helps out a little.

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This is bulking season mate! Eat eat don’t worry about puting on fat, you will shed that off in summer during cuting season and keep your hard working muscles.

You will make evocations this summer stand before the ancient ones as a god.


This all sounds like too much work and I’m lazy as fuck

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Make it fun! Listen to music forget about that this is work