First ritual to Satan? Guidance needed

So far I have performed rituals honouring Sitri and Bael. During these I framed their seals, placed them on the altar, lit candles/incense, meditated with the seals, opened and burned them. I left the ashes in the bowl for 24 hours and then scattered them over grass.

Today I want to perform a ritual to Satan. I want Him to know I trust in Him. I am not asking for anything. How should I perform this ritual? Thorough guidance/advice appreciated.


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How did the two rituals go?

your devotion
your intuition
you can look up and down this forum and the internets for inspiration

Hello Mondain! It’s a core rule of our community to do an introduction! Please make a post in this thread before anything else :+1:

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Satan has a powerful aggressive energy.

It’s great to have him behind you.

Light up a red or black candle.

Offer him rum or blood if you feel comfortable.

His enn: Tasa Reme Laris Satan- Ave Satanis

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