First Ritual Invocation of King Paimon

Hello everyone, as promised I am writing about my first invocation of King Paimon. I have omitted some personal details and revealed only that which he does not mind me sharing. Here follows the complete ritual with just a few things taken out for privacy reasons. It is lengthy but I hope it could be of some help to fellow beginners and perhaps those with more experience and a strong working relationship with King Paimon could make some suggestions?

The 14th of March was my last communication with Belial. During the ritual I asked Belial about my interest and proverbial pull towards King Paimon to which he replied:

“Paimon an ally, invoke him if you must. How he would take to you is up to him”

That was my cue, I have Belial to thank for my Ascent. If you spoke to me a year ago, I could never have imagined or conceived the things I have achieved in such a short amount of time. When you call Belial you better be prepared, for he will bulldoze your house to the ground if it means you will ascend. A bit of advice for those new to working with him,he works fast, without sentiment and without mercy. Think of him as an army drill Sargent ready to whip you in shape. If you decide to call on him, be prepared for he will clear the decks and turn your life upside down and often it will not be fun, for he takes all your weaknesses and rubs them in your face until you are forced to deal with the most unsavory aspects of yourself, that part of yourself you have been keeping in the closet and hid away in order not to deal with it. Belial is abrasive but he is THE BEST demon to work with if you are still a beginner. I love him and am incredibly grateful for his insights. Oh, and when Belial tells you to do something! Do it! the more you resist the more it will turn around and come bite you in the arse later. I learned that the hard way.

Now, back to my ritual invocation of King Paimon

Through my research and networking I learned about his preferences, that he likes to work with those who treats him with dignity and respect. In preparation I took a blank piece of artist canvas and painted it black, then with bold white paint I painted his sigil (which I took from the Lesser key of Solomon) onto it and placed it upon my altar several days prior in order to charge it for the working.I am a seamstress so I designed an made a figure hugging red velvet ritual dress with a hood for the occasion. The day after completing the dress a friend and lover came to visit and we charged my dress sexually for the great work (without me having to wash it after)

On to the next part. Usually before any major ritual I like to make a list of things I need, moon phases etc and write it all down in the order I am going to do it. I am a serial diarist and have a library of handwritten books of shadows noting past workings. Perhaps one day I will publish these, who knows.

On the day of the ritual I set up my altar with everything I would need including the evocation triangle and offerings. I didn’t have a concise ritual evocation for King Paimon at hand so I scoured my occult library and compiled one as follows from a few different sources.

This is taken directly from my book of shadows with only a few omissions as some of it I wish to keep private.


Date 24/03/20
Moon phase: Dark/New Moon
Offerings: Red Wine, Frankincense and Myrrh
Candles: Black

Altar set up, ritual shower and dress.

As the water ran, I cleared my mind and visualized my intent for the ritual. With my right hand I recited the following:

“By the sacred waters of Hecate and the cleansing light of Lucifer, I am to prepare for the great work and my body shall be a temple of both abstinence and fornication.”

After the shower I did my make-up as I would when I go out complete with my signature red lipstick and styled my hair as I usually do in a 1940’s vintage way.

As I put on my dress:
“O Seth-an, Lord of the Earth, Lucifer, Lord of the Air, Hecate, Goddess of waters and Shaitan, Lord of the flame, that I shall be wrapped in the cloak of the wolf and encircled in the serpents skin, so it is done!”

I lit the candles and incense and stood up nice and tall, lifting my invocation dagger in my right hand I called the corners:

"I call to ye Great powers of the Northern quadrant. Open for me the gate of Earth. I summon the protection of the Northern Lords of Crystal Might through lines of primordial power.

“I call to thee Great powers of the southern quadrant. Open for me the gate of the South. Come forward you dragons with breath of fire, igniting the power of Magick, protecting with purifying flame.”


" I call to thee Great Powers of the Eastern quadrant. Open for me the Eastern gate. Come forward ye Draconian force of Air, infuse this rite with thy ancient power, protecting all within. Breathe life into this Magick.

"I call to thee Great Powers of the Western Quadrant. Open for me the gate of the West. I call forth the power of Atlantis, that the circle be awash with the current of ancient magicks.

Return to face the Northern sector of the Altar.
“I do summon and invoke thee O Spirit, Great King Paimon! By th flames of Azazel - The Lord of the earth, I conjure thee forth. By Beralanensis, Baldachiensis, Paumachia and Apologiae, Sedes, by the most powerful Guardians, Djinn, Genii and the spirits of the Abyss, brought forth by the great shadow of the fire Seraph. I summon thee wise and ancient spirits, attend me and appear now in this circle-
By the names of Lucifer , who brought the Flame unto the Clay- He that gave us breath, Immortal and Holy Fire. Lucifer, Ouyar, Chameron, Aliseon, Mandousin, Premy, Oriet, Naydru, Esmay, Eparinesont, Estiot, Dumosson, Panochar, Casmiel, Hayras, Fabelleronthou, Sadirno, Peatham, Venite, Venite, Lucifer Amen.
I summon thee, shadow and light, Angel and Daemon, together as one…I do summon these O great familliars of the earth, from which my Dagger commands thee, appear and move, materialize in this meeting place of spirits. I conjure thee, Great King Paimon who shall appear before me, in circle and center. Attend now my calling and show thyself in a form you so desire that we may hold congress in the communion of my self!”


“Hail , great devourer! Awaken from the abyss, harken the ravens of death! Illuminate my eyes in blackened flame. I pray that I shall grow strong from feeding upon the stronger, that I shall be cunning more than they. Hail Amaymon, who shall rise up in me as Mahazael. I shall devour my gods and become the One-Adorned-In-Fire. To be never a slave, always WITHOUT-A-MASTER. A God beholding no other. AZOTHOZ!”


"Great -powerful King Paimon, who exalted in the Power of the Spirits of the Kingdom of the NorthWestern Twilight. I invoke thee in the name of Darkness, from the dwelling of darkness and in their power of illumination. In the name of Primeumaton who reigns over the palaces of the Sun and the Moon - I invoke thee to appear before this circle, in this triangle - the very gathering place of spirits. I seek King Paimon to Rise up in me as Mahazael, the devouring dragon. Open thy eyes through mine Paimon and I shall have thy Blackenend Flame within.

Great King Paimon, bring to me the knowledge of the Black Flame, rise up in me and open my eyes to the world and the power within it.

Great Spirit Paimon, Luciferic Angel, awaken in me and bring the wisdom of ages. King Paimon, Give unto me the power of the 7, that I may be as the Beast upon the Earth. Arise through me as I become the One adorned in fire.

Thou art fallen and perfected Angel, who hath tasted the ecstasies As above and So below, Sun nourished Djin who drank deep of the shadows, whose sword tortures those who would obey me not - I call and Command O King Paimon to bring this spirit unto me without violence or harm This MY Will."


“I do conjure and summon thee Great King Paimon by the flaming essence of the Forked Stave of the Sun, the adversarial Shadow and Burning Fire which is the Prince of Spirits, Angels and Daemon. Come thou forth and without delay to me, Spirit Paimon. By Adonai, the Lord of the Earth, By the Axis of the Sun and the Moon I summon thee. By the Eternal Fire, come now unto this Circle…Be welcomed unto me.”

"Welcome King Paimon, you are welcomed in this meeting place within the Crossroads. I have summoned you forth, to join with me, by the union of Heaven and Hell. I bind this within this circle, take flesh and desire within thy Sigil of Calling, which I shall give unto thee life. Thou shalt not leave this circle until I am satisfied, for i shall bring you forth into the world of flesh once again.

by the sacred center of the Arcanum of Shadow and Light, within the Ourabouris Circle I am bound and free, yet as you are King Paimon shall you enflesh my desires of which I speak. by my command and Will do you bring forth that which I have called you for, that I shall also seek your servitors, those whom obey your command. By the Pentacle of Solomon have I summoned thee! Give unto me a True Answer!"

I lay down my dagger and waited, my face covered with my hood and then it began. From the moment I lifted my dagger in the beginning of the summons I could feel the air shift, almost as if they were just waiting in the shadows to burst forth. The candles flickered and sputtered and I continued. By the time I got to the end of the invocation I removed my hood, held my dagger aloft and there they were, my temple felt crowded as if there were at least 50 people in my room, and then I heard him. I sat down upon my ritual chair and gazed into the circle. His voice came clear and not threatening at all. He sounded pleased. This is how the conversation went:

King Paimon:“Very Nice! I really like your temple. Glad to be here. State your intent”
Me: “Greetings my King, thank you for answering my call. My name is (I gave him my magical name, this I wish to keep to myself for the moment) and I have summoned you this evening to establish a working relationship with you and to ask for your help.
Paimon: “I like the effort you made, really nice dress. What is it you want.”
Me: “May I just say your highness, you are nothing at all what I expected.”
P: Laughs “I appear different to everyone.”
Me: “I have been working with his Majesty Belial”
P: " I know, I’ve been keeping an eye on you. I have been observing you for years. You grew a lot but there’s so much more work to be done and so little time.”
Me: " I have learned my lessons and am more than willing to do the work my King."
P: “What do you want from me?
Me:” I wish to achieve self-mastery and would like your aid with my ascent."
P: “That will be done if you do as I say. Belial and you had a rocky start from what I saw.”
Me: “Yes your majesty, let’s just say I THOUGHT I knew what ascent was when in fact I didn’t. Not like I do now.”
P:“For someone with your knowledge about the occult you can be stupidly stubborn and naive. I shall be as blunt and straightforward as needed with you so you have no choice BUT to understand.
Me:“Agreed, I am at two ways with regards to my career. I LOVE making clothes and wish to make it into a career but I am pulled towards the occult more and more strongly towards the Tarot and wish to do Tarot readings for a living. I don’t ever want to work for anyone else again, and I want a job where I can wholeheartedly indulge in the things that I love.”
P: “Tarot readings is your way forward, you have a talent for it. I believe in you. I will help with this.
Me: “Thank you my King, I also feel that the Tarot is the right thing to do in the current climate so I will take your advice. Next thing, as you know, money or lack there of is a hurdle at the moment. All I truly desire with regards to money is to have the means to put a roof over my head, food in my belly and extra to spend on my hobbies.”
P:“Obtaining money is stupidly easy, leave that to me.”
Me: “Thank you, also, I truly and wholeheartedly wish to have a familiar, it feels like a teeny part of me is missing. It’s been five years since my last familiar died and I crave animal companionship.”
P:“Done, wait three days.”
All of a sudden the wind outside began to howl, the air became thicker and I could hear footsteps along the hall, like people were walking up and down past my temple door.
Me: “I see you brought company.”
P: “I seldom travel alone”
Me: " I am in no way panicking about the Corona Virus but I do wish to know how long one can expect this to last.
P:” In the UK, 6 Months at least, thousands more across the globe will die, it will get worse before it gets better. It shall happen again and each time it will be worse than the last.”
Me: “Is this virus man-made or do the Gods have anything to do with it?”
P:“Very little on earth happens without divine intervention. You know about the second fall which is imminent. We the gods will guide the enlightened ones whom in turn shall cast their beacons of light upon the Earth.”
P:“Believe in yourself and your own godhood and your ability to affect change. The rest will follow. Stay focused and strong, Study, learn, stay alert, We, (the gods) need you as much as you need us to achieve the ultimate goal.”
Me:“Which is?”
P:“Patience, all shall be revealed in time.”
Me: “Thank you so much for your time my lord. May I call upon you again?”
P:" Yes, I would like that. I appreciate those willing to learn.
Me:“I believe I have received the answers I were looking for and I am satisfied for the moment with that which you shared with me, I thank you for your time and am looking forward to our next meeting.”
P:“You are most welcome.”

And with that I could feel the air shift and change again. I performed the licence to depart and distinguished the candles. I tidied my ritual space and went to bed. During the night as I slept I could feel footsteps walking around by bed, I am in the habit of sleeping naked, next thing I felt was the covers being pulled away from me and someone or something climbed in bed with me, the presence felt male and I have to admit it was VERY arousing. It felt like being in bed with a lover, I felt safe, turned on and calm. In my dream or was it on the astral plane? I had the most incredible experience one which is so intense and epic that it will take another ten pages to describe it so I shall leave that for another day.

Observation and conclusion.

The impression I got from King Paimon was that of an insanely powerful being, but one that keeps his full strength and power hidden. One only gets a subtle glimpse here and there to his true power. He came across like an old school Gentleman, the way he spoke, the way he explained things, he even gave me a compliment!. It reminded me of my office days when you would meet the boss in his office to discuss business. He has the most wonderful laugh, certainly not one I would associate with the image of him. Belial has no time for sentiment for niceties or idle chit chat as he is incredibly proactive and his main prerogative is for you to pull your finger out and start the work.(well, that is my image of him)

I just wish to say WOW! What and incredible experience. Thank you for reading!


Epic, and well written. A lot of this concurs with my feelings on things as well.

Thanks for taking the time to detail all that out. :smiley:


Awesome experience, thanks for sharing! I’m not so sure about the ”second fall“ thing and the virus tbh, it could have come from your own mind, or I could be wrong. But all in all it sounds like you had a very intense and beautiful meeting with Him. He is very much a gentleman, and His laugh really is wonderful. The way you described His presence had me go ”yup, that’s Him!“ :laughing:

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Wow this is amazing, thank you for sharing this!

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Thank you. I just wrote what came through. I am sure the truth about the virus and the fall will become more clear the stronger my link with him becomes. Soon as I know I shall share this with his permission of course :smiley:


Great work, I especially enjoyed the conversation. Though, the ritual was perfect as well! Thanks for sharing!

King Paimon is a great guide and you can gain knowledge and wisdom, should you follow his teachings.

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Thank you! I am very grateful to have King Paimon on my side. That said, the work has begun,“no rest for the wicked!” :smiley:

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