First Invocation Ever...pure least I thought so

Hey BALG Family,

So I finally tried it for the first time today…and well…it was pure comedy!!

Here’s the play by play:

I’m using Gordon Winterfield’s Demon’s Of Magick Book, and I wanted to do 3 Ritual #1 invocations with King Paimon, Prince Sitri & King Belial.

I carefully considered what I wanted to request from these 3 mighty demons and made sure to prepare myself to give them the utmost respect & reverence while asking for my requests.

The first was to King Paimon, I totally fumbled this one up, as it was my first ever…I was highly unprepared. As I jotted down notes and summaries for myself to remember key parts to the ritual, I found out in real time…I sucked…lol. I took way too long, forgot I needed certain things or to read certain parts that pertained to King Paimon only and not the general ritual. I then went to burn my request and almost burned the house down!!…I ran to the bathroom to douse water on the paper…ritual 1…FAIL!

Ritual 2 to Prince Sitri…I tried to analyze everything I did wrong with King Paimon’s ritual and not make the same mistakes. I prepared even more, had all the things I was supposed to do and say down pat and went for it. Welp, I thought I was doing well and reading everything ok, although I was still haunted by what I did wrong with King Paimon…I kept saying to myself…I hope I didn’t offend him as I truly respect him and feel bad for messing up the ritual. As I’m going through the ritual with Prince Sitri…I realized I skipped over the Invocation Psalm, so went back to do that and repeated everything after. I then did the License to depart and realized…wait…I didn’t do that for King Paimon…so after I completed the ritual with Sitri, I did the license to depart with King Paimon.

I was getting ready to do the ritual with King Belial but my grandmother who lives in the basement of our home came upstairs and said something smelled on fire…of course, this was the smell from earlier and it scared her. I assured her it was only me burning a cheap candle (wasn’t cheap) and everything was ok. I decided to postpone the ritual for King Belial until another time.

So, I realize I have a lot of more reading and work to do to be better at this, I have seen and heard nothing but great results from using Winterfields methods, so know it was me and not the book. If anyone has a pipeline to King Paimon and Sitri, please apologize to them for me. I actually got the feeling they weren’t upset with me, more rather amused and laughing, but I still want to offer them my deepest apologies and if I did offend them, please let them know I plan to make it up.

Well, there goes my first time in a nutshell. Definitely not going to stop and it was exciting still to actually do this type of magick…I’m looking forward to trying again:-)

The Jackleg Magician…lol


You reminded me my first LBRP… Try to feel and act like a God(dess) turned towards each Quarter while you forgot the words and slowly step back with your hand still stretched holding a kitchen knife to reach the PC and read it from there. Then slowly go back in spot, say the words, proceed to the next Quarter and do the same. :neutral_face:


@Anassa, it was horrible…lol. I’m glad I can laugh about it now and I’m sure in a few years when I have this all down more, I will laugh even harder. I’m just glad I finally did it…was a little gripped by fear of messing up or doing it wrong…and I did…but it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be…not the end of the world and I’m totally ready to try again.


Of course, you shouldn’t get discouraged :slight_smile: It is funny, I laugh a lot nowdays with my past sillyness, but back then I was frustrated!
My best part is when you call the angels…
Mighty voice: “Before me…
Who the fuck is before me…?

Side-walk to the PC with arms still extended like a Jesus-crab trying not to lose eye contact with the East.
Side-walk like a Jesus-crab back in spot.

Mighty voice: “…Raaaaaphaaaaeeeeelllll


HAHAHAHAHA…You are totally describing me…lol


Made my night, I did nearly similar thing in tje begining. :slight_smile:


LOL, this is so funny. :rofl: :joy:


King paimon was my first one as well and I fumbled as well. Just make sure your specific because your results might manifest in a way you’d least expect or with some BS attached.

Well duke sallos was my first ever evocation but i think my petition got declined. I wanted my ex from CO back but it turns out she abused drugs on and off because her friend passed so actually I think the duke was looking out for me if anything.


Thank you @username666 for the advice. I actually made my request to King Paimon in the form of a question. I asked him “how did I make so much money in my business?” Pretty much to affirm that it already happened and he was successful in helping me to do it. I’m experimenting so, if it happens…all praises to him for sure, in addition to my offering…if not…I hope to learn from my mistakes, the advice of my BALG family and progress to be better in my magick journey.


I found that writting the names of shem angels apart on the piece pf paper and the psalms you can write it apart on a paper and read it during the ritual basically just remember the evocation keys and liscence to depart also you can read it.but just make a simple summary. You got this