First Day Of Initiation into Qlippoth(Nehemoth)

-Placed four black candles on four corners each craft Nehemoth(Theban Alphabet)
-One red candle craft Naamah(Theban Alphabet)
-One insence
-Sigil of Nehemoth with blood offered on it
-Played shamanic drum (Easy to go deep into meditation or trance)
-Incantation of Vk Jehannum of self initiation into qlippoth
-Offered a cup of coffea for Naamah

I did the incantation slowly. Could hear cracking from my ceiling. Energy slighlty dark and intense.
After finishing the incantation, I went straight into meditation by not visualizing anything. Just let the visual come on its own.
1)Saw Naamah naked walking around me. She was arousing for a moment. Whispered in my ears not to call her mother. Just call me Naamah. 2)By this time, my eyes are shut tight. Visual of two black cats with orange eyes sitting on my right and left.Facing my alter. The black fur is much attractive.
3) Naamah holding a torch and wearing a white robe.Holds my hand and brought me into a cave. There were two passage on the right & left. Naamah took the right passage arriving at a dark lake. Water is up to my hip. Told me to take a dip into the water. I took almost 5 dips.

Woke out of the meditation without my conscious. King Amaymon instructed me to go into deep meditation again by just saying Naamah.

  1. Saw the tree of life glowing in white surrounded by pure darkness.
    2)A passage opened beneth the tree leading me to a tunnel
    3)Walking by holding a torch
  2. There is a passage on my right (Too bright)
    5)Went even deeper arriving at a round black light passage.
    6)I was stopped by a werewolf.Fierce and dark.
    7)I just bow and it just went off
    8)Upon arriving at the black light passage, I was asked ‘Are you ready now’. I said ‘Yes’. I got sucked into the black light. Opened my eyes without my conscious again.

Sorry if it is too long. Just wanted to share my experience. Hope to get some ideas on what to do next and regarding the above experience.


Don’t apologise. Keep on exploring

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Nice! I put this in Journals for you and tagged it. Hope you come back and update it with the rest of your journey! :slight_smile:

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Thanks trishul :heart:


I will for sure, Good idea :heart:

Second day

Got a dream of a women wearing red dress standing below a tree. She’s talking to me, but I could not hear. The only thing which I heard clearly is ‘Nutcase’.

I did the incantation at 3.00 am. I was aroused again by Naamah. I tried to resist but you can’t win her. She is kind of cheeky and loving as well. Gave an offering of sexual energy and semen. The energy was not as intense as my first day initiation. Did my meditation by relaxing and just said Nahemoth.


  1. A lot of weird looking spirits or creatures walking around me
  2. Went into a deeper state and heard several people screaming as though they are being tormented. Ceilling started to crack as usual.
  3. A round black globe appeared which I went into leading me to the dark lake as where naamah is sitting by the shore wearing a black dress. Sat beside of her. She was saying something which I could not hear. All of a sudden she stabbed my heart and pulled it out. Naamah theowed my heart to the wolf’s and they were eating.Told me to be Heartless. Should have said that without stabbing. :neutral_face:
    4)Saw a black snake with yellow on top of its head. The tongue was yellow as well.

Naamah told me to end the meditation and depart.

Problem facing since Initiation
-Emotions are unstable
-Thoughts regarding my past are getting to my nerve
-Feel like I’m not doing enough
-Really exhausted

The good things is, I have a sudden interest in getting back into martial arts which I stopped 3 years ago. Like its popping up in my mind every minute.