Firs epirience with the rune FEHU

Hello everyone,
So yesterday I decide to pathwork the runes as E.A. says in his mastering divination course.
Yestarday was the first day and I started with the fehu rune. when I meditate with the rune and hold the stone I can fell how it vibrates in some high frequencies.

Today is the second day and the meditations with the rune were very interesting for me.
I hold the stone between my palms and I vibrate “FEEEEEHUUUUUUU” and “ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff”
After that my left hand starts to tingle, it was like very weak voltage. But when my hand wasn’t close to the rune the hand stops to tingle. When I touch it(the stone) again with the left hand but this time only with thumb and index finger I felt like electrisity was going through them.
In the book “FUTHARK: A HANDBOOK OF RUNE MAGIC” it says fehu can be used like a channel for transfering energy. And I think that the rune probably was transfering energy from may right hand to the left cuz I placed the stone in my right hand and then touch it with the left hand.

Also can any of you guys give me some advice with the runes.

As well as meditating on them, research into what they mean and how that meaning manifests in your life. The whole Futhark takes you on a journey through a human life, until you understand yourself through them inside and out. So take your time with each one until you understand everything about it.

Here’s a bit more for you on Fehu:


Thanks for the video. I actualy do research about the runes and for now I am concecrated on The fehu rune for the nex three days. For each rune I will do three or more meditations a day for five days.

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Fehu us the rune of wealth which doesn’t necessarily mean money wealth but wealth in a lot of different things. I’ve had some experiences with using fehu, once I was actually given a job opportunity when chanting Fehu outloud while taking a shower! It can be used for curses but usually isn’t for the most part.

Wardruna has a song about Fehu
"Fe causes strife amongst friends
The wolf feeds in the forest
Fe is joy to man
strife amongst kin
path of the serpent

The snake lies coiled
Hidden, it waits beneath
like a frost-covered field
Strife that kinsmen suffer."