Finding true will?

How to discover one’s true will?

I speak of a topic beyond a professional career, or profession, or commercial activity, or interest or hobby …

I speak of being in a constant state of Flow, where everything happens, where you flow with life and you are truly what you have come to BE here in this world.

I do not know if someone understands me?

What entities can help me on this path?

What people, according to your experience, have reached this state that I describe? you can put your experience below everything works …

I am a 28 year old … I really believe that I am good at many things and almost everything I do … I am currently starting a business, I am doing relatively well and I know I can do better. I started with it out of necessity and also to discover who I was.

Before that, I had gone through two university careers that I did not like, and I left college, I did not finish my careers.

I had also done well in music, I consider myself creative … but shit …

Sometimes I think, that I do not fit in anything or with anyone … in any context.

I do not fit into jobs, I do not fit in with my entrepreneurial peers, nor my family, nor the artists I’ve met, I do not see myself in college again at this age …

I need to discover my true will.


Well, to start with your question is a bit misleading, though you correct it later. In magical circles the concept of the true will is essentially related to the will of your higher being “do what you will” and all that. However, I get what you mean. It seems like you’re asking the age old question of “what is my passion”.

From what I’ve read, and experienced, it seems like this is the wrong way to go about it. Essentially, you enjoy what you are good at, not the other way around. Invest the time to develop skills you can take pride in and flow will follow. Flow is merely the state of being where consciousness need not interfere in the activity.

However, if this is still not good enough, then you should ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Not have to explain to your parents why you threw away a career, explain to your girlfriend why you almost got killed, whatever. Chances are the result will be stupid and unrealistic, but if you take that idealization apart at the seems you can see what makes it what it is and then craft a more realistic version from that. For instance, I really like the idea of the journeyman, traveling places and providing services for people, I also like the idea of the sorcerer, my idealization is to be a journeyman sorcerer. However that’s dumb and I would easily die or starve to death. So I can take that apart, understand that I idealize the concepts of freedom of movement, pride in craft and the external agency that only magic can bring, then from that I can theoretically make a new image of my future to shoot for. Like a nomad business consultant that uses magic to stack the deck.

For spirits, maybe one that better enables one to know yourself. HGA springs to mind.

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What is with thelemic power? Love is the law, love under will!!!

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Much easier said than done friend, but this is certainly possible if you are willing to dive into the depths of your being, and to let go of the lies that you have told yourself. You probably already know what of your self is merely illusion and what is true, that part isn’t too difficult, though it may take you some time to fully explore all that you are. The synthesis of all that is gold within you, now that can be somewhat tricky.

My practice mostly revolves around the work of the Gallery of Magick, though I do find great value in the wisdom of others as well. If you are familiar with their works I would suggest the Identity Ritual, overseen by the archangel Metatron, as a way to help you discover your True Will.

You may also find their new book Mystical Words of Power by Damon Brand to be of interest. I wouldn’t suggest it as someone’s first magick book, but you may find that it opens many doors within and without if you allow yourself to embrace living a magickal life.

If you mean will in the sense of what you want to do, ‘passion’ or purpose/calling etc, not everyone has one.
I don’t. All I have to do is be alive. There’s energetic reasons for that.

You should be able find out yours by getting in touch with your higher/god self and asking them what they were playing at having you incarnate at this time.

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True will is being present here and now.

You are what you are doing.

Everything beyond that is the story the Mind is narrating to perpetuate itself.

That is true will. Being. Doing.

In the Book of the Law,

We hear a lot about the dogs of reason being damned… we hear about Nuit, the continuity of existence in its entirety seeking to be united with the focal point of awareness which is us…

True will is a lot like Zen…


The OTHER stuff…

That’s just plain and simple what you’re really about and what you really enjoy and are passionate about…

It’s not mysterious…

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To WILL is to want something you lack.

We are constantly grasping and wanting.

To want though, is different than Will.

Will is what we utilize in Magick to cause changes
And it’s developed through diligence and effort…


“True” Will

Would be something of a contradiction once you realize… Your true will is already here and now…

Your “True Will” is what you really want to achieve then set goals to achieve it. This means with insight or experience, to know what you really want. According to Crowley: “The will is but the dynamic aspect of the self.” In this sense, the Will is simply the expression of our desires and the way we think, formulate and achieve what we really want in life, our insight into the nature of our will or desires.

We may bemoan our circumstances now, wishing if we only knew what we really want but are true desires can be fulfilled by working with our inner strengths in the present to move forward with what we really want to achieve in life our true will or personal goals can be realised.

Thank you very much for your answers…

Of course, I was not going to the thelemic aspect of WILL … but the identity issue is the closest thing to what I’m looking for now … because I’ve been NOTHING and ALL at the same time, and I think I want to start defining myself in the world.

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