Find friends your own age spell

Looking to find friends my own age, been friendless for five years, plus everyone my age will be graduating college soon so cant do that. Whats a good spell for this?

Go introduce yourself as you have been instructed already twice from DarkestKnight and stop ignoring the forum rules. It is NOT optional.


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Since you refuse to do an introduction as per the rules, @mauricio, you have been flagged for the moderator, who may suspend your account until you do.

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Done, now whos gonna answer my question?

Belial, Orobas, Ronove, Orias, Forneus and Glasya-Labolas can all help you find friends or have specific people want to be your friends. My experience with Belial and Orobas having friends and foes do favours for me it can alter the persons attitude towards me completely for the better even if I was aiming very specifically for one thing, so the more I have the foe do favours for me the more the person sees me as a friend and his mind is farther altered by the demon’s powers
To reconcile with old friends Amon, Vaul, Gusion and Barbatos can help you.