Financial Sorcery


Financial Sorcery is a book by Jason Miller. I have to say, it is the single greatest book I’ve ever seen dedicated to money magic. Not only does he instruct in ritual, but then he also gives you real world advice on how to move forward. You’ll find chapters for starting your own business, getting promotions, new jobs, and emergency magic. The majority of money work done by magicians is emergency magic, we’re usually only concerned with meeting immediate desires. Miller goes beyond this and shows how to create wealth in the long run. He also details working with Jupiter/Jove, the Roman God to create lasting money.
This is just another great book by a great author and I highly recommend it!


Didn’t know about this, thanks!

I love money, it makes things you think and want come true, kind of material magic in its own right… that made sense in my head, I promise!


I LOVE this book. It is what got me interested in Jason Miller’s other works.

I like how he just comes out and addresses the big question of “If magic is real then why aren’t more witches/magicians/sorcerers rich?”

It’s all about the set point :slight_smile:


I just bought it, and am using its principles to reshape my reality. Great book.