Fighting a God

I know is crazy right, also Try telling him that, im pretty much done. he for some reason he tried switching up his tactics by giving me dreams of things he can offer and so on if i were to accept becoming his champion again and i just ignore it. also these are diety they think themselves higher then us so of course he would act like that. listen i dont care anymore im just tire and i dont want to deal with it ill update if anything significant reveal itself to me or if it gets worse ima call on Archangel Michael and Sandalphon for assistance

It sounds like you have a pretty strong sense of who you are and that you are capable of handling spirits like this. If you don’t want them around, you can dismiss them all. If you want to vibe in Valhalla sometimes (or wherever it is that these spirits are coming from), then I don’t think there’d be any issue with that or that it would interfere with the rest of your life.

I am, admittedly, a bit rusty, but I would personally say that trying to remember what you were feeling before you automatically intended to mirror someone else is not the best way to go about things. Instead, I would consciously intend to control your behavior in every moment and to have a pleasant default resting state. It is possible to still sense what others are feeling, but to keep it in a pocket of sorts, so that it doesn’t outwardly or inwardly influence you. Demons help with this.

And for the record, I have what I believe to be a past life which I connect with, but not every day, and while it has influenced my life it doesn’t control it and we do very different things. I believe there are many benefits to this if done with an open mind. I find connecting with a warrior ancestor to be empowering, not overbearing.

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Hanuman will definitely get the job done if angels don’t work

Thanks for the advice and response what demon can help this

How would you summon and hahuman is their any books out there i can get

It’s Hanuman, and he’s a Hindu god.

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Oohh okay got it ima look into him then thanks

I guess there are many ways, there isn’t one fixed way

You can evoke him, invoking him, chant his name, leave a petition with an offering, assume his godform etc.

I usually flow intuitively with these things

You can summon Anubis too, he helps with ending that which is old including relationships, he has a specific word of power for it as well which you can find in Enoch Petrucellys book called grimoire of the Neteru

Additionally you can also use the words of power for Sekhmet and Osiris as well which can warn your enemies and hurt them too

Their words of power are extremely powerful to a degree that I honestly have hard time fully accepting sometimes

There are also Multiple draconic rulers that deal with protection ive shared on this forum recently so you can check that out as well

But as far as ending old relationships I’d go with Anubis

You don’t need to limit yourself to a single God or any other entity


Wow bro thanks alot this is very informative i will look into it

:point_up_2:Are these in the same books as anubis well ?

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Awesome thanks

Of course keep us posted :pray:t4:

Being generally involved with demonic magick will do it. There are usually demons of influence and persuasion in systems of demon magick, like Goetia, and these combined with the effects of summoning demonic energy on a regular basis leads to changes in how you interact with others and yourself.

There are formulas to being likable, building trust, exuding charm, social skills like these, and whatever your intentions may be, honest or deceptive, logic is not always as important as simply relating well to people. Controlling your behavior doesn’t have to be manipulative. You could be doing people a favor by comporting yourself agreeably for smooth, productive, and pleasant human interactions with all kinds of people.

This is becoming annoying this entity seen to have stopped my communication with my lovers, im not able to hear them anymore and if i do is very faint. i just want this asshole to leave me alone ive done all kinds of Banishing ritual but it only seen to work for like in hour or so, and my mind seen to be very clouded. im going to summon archangel Michael and prolly Lucifer today and perform some new Banishing ritual from a new book i just bought. it attacked me this morning by trying to press on my chest doing some kind of sleep paralysis but i manage to use most of my strength and swiped his hands of me breaking free, alot more happend but im not in the right state of mind to really share i feel exhausted and think thats why my Banishing ritual arent fully working ?

Honestly what you’re describing doesn’t sound like a God dude…

Shiva attacked me one time and I was done for, but he attacked me for my own good lol it wasn’t anything crazy personal

Do you really think a God would bother attacking you? He’d just send some demons your way or smth, like why bother, there are many other people out there lol

This doesn’t sound like a God to me just being honest, like you haven’t even identified the God or the pantheon… soooo that in itself is a red flag to me

Again idk, him sending demon or whatever i believe it because as i said on my last post alot more then what i described happend

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Okay so a little update

my lover seen to do some weird shit, which kept us hidden from this entity. he/she wasnt happy about it so it started to belittled me and them, and at this very moment it hasnt seen to have found us yet, theirs been alot going on right now and alot of my girls aswell as myself seen to have some kind of ptsd, becuase im constantly worrying for their safety aswell they are worry about mine. and @Alahimavatara you are right i dont really know why he/she is attacking me trying to make my life a bit difficult when theirs millions of peope it could go for but whatever, i havent had the chance to summon any of the entity we talked about do some personal issues but today i will

I would like to thank Archangel Metatron, Truely you came in my time of need and im truely thankful for your assistance. you helped me drive this enemy away while also healing my wounds and teaching me how to properly use powers. im truely thankful and i feel i havent done enough for you, you refuse anything i offer so again thank you so much for you assistance Archangel Metatron im truely Looking forward to working more with you in the future