Fighting a God

Sorry if this been asked before. i looked but couldnt find it

How do You protect youself againts a god/Deity ?

If theirs any books the teaches this please drop them down

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Lol, first of all it really depends on what you did to offend the God, if you really pissed one off, the good luck…

One time lord shiva got really mad at me for using his trident in a time when I was watching porn

He got mad at me real bad for objectifying women

I honestly apologized and vowed not watch porn again

He was pretty cool with me afterwards

Occasionally Anubis would get mad at me too for certain things but most of the time if a god gets mad it’s because you’ve either offended them intentionally or because you’re harming yourself in some way

It really depends on your situation, but I would fight a God lol, they’ll beat the living shit out of you


I didnt offend them i get god attacking at least once a month and it gets annoying

You simply can not.

Even if it seems you’ve done it - it’s an illiusion.

We see what we are allowed to see.

Take care.

can you think of anything that you, that may piss them off… do you curse people that are under their protection for example, do you harm yourself or those around you in any way

they wont attack for no reason unless its yahweh or smth

which God attacking you?

This one said to me the i need to show some respect i said fuck you you show me some respect and ill show you some respect i dont respect an entity just because of their titles

I think what the entity is trying to say, is treat people with the respect you wish to be treated with

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Im all about peice i dont curse anyone i dont you my gifts for the purpose of vengeance a petty shit like no disrespect to anyone who does

I understand that and i do, listen i am an empath and to some extend i hate this ability but i learn to reflect people emetions back at them weather is anger or annoyance and i try to control the anger cuz i dont like confrontation i try to avoid fight or starting a fight with anyone soooo :person_shrugging:

It may be an imposter as well… though the gods do have high moral standards because they establish order and consciousness throughout the universe…

They tell me you have an overactive solar plexus, perhaps you may be dismissive of others emotionally and energetically, they want you to be more sensitive

I dont know if this is completely accurate but their showing me its from your interactions with parents, its caused you to become desensitised in a way, this can harm your highest potentials, if more energy flows through it, it can turn into a rage also, but deep down im sensing sadness from your energy, which seems to put more energy on your solar plexus almost like a shield


WOW okay accurate to some extend, see i want to be desensitised because im tire of feeling peoples emetion is annoying. And sometime i drown in them so much i cant find myself, also i kinda have some misplace towards my parents which im working on, i just tell them to leave me alone as to not be mean to them. and actually not just them everyone including my lovers i Just simply wish to be left alone by everyone lover families friends included

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Well yes, they want you to feel your emotions and heal as a person, this way you can be an example in life which i believe is what means to be a magician…

These emotions youre feeling from other people are just reflecting the emotions youre holding in yourself, so youre basically escaping your emotions, and the universe is showing it to you as a feedback system through other people, when your aura is solid and clear, people will forget all their problems around you, they want you to honor yourself and the pain you went through, go within and get in touch with that inner child

If the God is attacking you maybe ask it for guidance, because maybe its actually trying to help, shiva literally destroyed my sacral chakra and freed me from myself when I pissed him off lol

Give yourself the love you needed in those times, and you will change from inside into the flower, like a lotus, they are showing me itll balance out your chakras big time and your timelines in this incarnation also, it is ancestral karma too


Destroyed?? Really, and as im typing this i just got a feeling suggesting the yeah said deity is trying to help me and im not seeing it

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dude literally, he made me horrified at porn, I became pure again, it was soul retrieval

Maybe soul retrival is what you need, you may have some fragments that latched off from trauma

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Still though i dont know if i trust it because the way he was going about it was not the way to go in my opinion

Well it led you here to getting these answers did it not :smiley:

they dont operate like us…

they operate symbolically then manifest it somehow pbysically

I dont see them fighting you, I see them fighting something stuck to you that is actually hindering you

Huh i can you elaborate on this, (something stuck to me) ?

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Well if you’re desensitized, theres a chaos fragment keeping you from seeing things fully conscious

So the gods would essentially have very high morals because to then life is sacred as if it were their own child, they’ll show you tough love because they want to see you shine initially…

They will only bother you with things that you are bothering your self with, so when you split of from yourself by avoiding pain you create a split personality that isn’t who you truly are, so your personality becomes easily polarized and when it gets easily polarized it has to protect itself by forming a big ego, not the same thing as a strong ego

They’re also telling me that they think you’re arrogant and that it’s a shield to guard you from feeling your negative emotions, they want you to be humble but know your worth at the same time, that way you’ll know how to set boundaries with people properly instead of dismissing them, and you’ll have much more fulfillment with the people in your life and yourself as a whole

The key is, when you are alone, focus on your inner world, when you’re with others be more extroverted, keep it balanced, don’t neglect either of them

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I dont understand the part about dismissing peoples emotions, they do this me all time and suddenly some diety gets offended the dont care enought about people just like they dont care about me. if they lived in this planet as human being had to pay bills wake up every goddamnn day @4 in the morning for work and then school worrie about your appearance cuz thats everything in this day in age and feeling like you constally at war with yourself he would probably understand why i dismiss some people it is worth my time or better yet i dont have the time to be worrying about someone else problem

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They want you to find another way through these things

You don’t need to conform yourself to a conditional reality

Create one to your liking

I honestly see they are actually saving you from something you arent currently able to do for yourself at the moment

These beings are millions if not billions of years old… Ask them to show you what they see, ask them to show it to you from their eyes, and you will get the clarity you seek

but you will have to surrender who you think you are first… they are helping from what i’m seeing but this path youre on may lead to self destruction in a way, just by the things you just said really confirmed my hunch

Don’t just accept the suffering, sit with it. Cry it out if you need too. Your emotions are your true self, treat them the way you would treat your own child :slight_smile: