Fiery darts of the adversary?

Upon reading ea koetting’s baneful magick book numerous times I came across something where he talked about these astral darts you could send through to someone and they’d actually feel a sharp pain. Or the possibility of you sending one into deep tissues causing real problems.

This could come in handy and I been learning it or at least trying to.

Two things.

  • do you guys know any spirits that could help me excel in learning this a lot faster :eyes: that just slipped my mind. Maybe get some help learning too while I’m at it.

  • and also does anyone have anymore information on these “astral darts” I’d love to keep looking into it.

It’s pretty much what it sounds like, you can visualise any weapon that works for you. Outs so about the strength of your vision work so what you need is focus and clear lucid trance work more than the end “darts”.

Try Lae’ti’kohl from the Book of Azazel. If you search on here you’ll find her sigil.

Ahhhh ok.

So basically it’s all just strong visualization work. So that basically means you could theoretically (this is silly but whatever) imagine the “darts” as other things like bullets ect (not that that would matter but just curious)

Andolutely. They’re basically thought forms, so you can conjure up anything that works. Bullets, swords, flamethrowers, daggers, spears. You name it :slight_smile:

That’s strange. I did some searches but can’t seem to find the sigil of Lae’ti’kohl anywhere :thinking:

Getting the spelling is probably the issue, some posts misspell the name (I go in and correct it when I notice specifically to help searching): Here you go.

More on Lae’ti’kohl

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