Feeling uncomfortable around things related to light

After I started working with Daemons and the dark gods of the qlippoth I’ve pretty much abstained from anything kabbalistic or JCI.
But today I decided to perform the LBRP out of curiosity and Man I got the worst fucking headache after.
I also feel repelled by churches like I should stay away from them and I get pretty fucking angry around religious people.
That and my room has become a pub for shadow people they like to hang around me and I like to hang around them.
And whenever I enter Newage stores I get Encased in what feels like a shield of fire I can actually feel the energy around me swarming like a shield of fire I get the intuitive feeling that the qlippothic gods I’m working with are the ones responsible with encasing me in this infernal armor whenever i enter places like new age stores and keep me away from churches.

Is this normal?
Am i getting to dark?


My experiences aren’t quite that strong, but I do notice changes. Most notably while at work last week my co-workers got onto the topic of churches for guidance. My teeth started tingling and it felt like I had fangs for a while. I had a mental chuckle about it.


Yea I get that fang thing too.
Interesting :thinking:


I have similar experience when my mom would take me to church(I went out of respect for her and she wanted company) I felt like something was off, irritated and nauseous. I felt better after we left and felt like my energy came back. since those times I have avoided church. because they sap my energy and leave me feeling sick


I actually have real fangs(really sharp) surprisingly and the dentist tried to dull them but they keep regaining their edge

Oh i thought you ment actual light, sometimes if it’s to bright it does irritate me, i will usually try and summon some cloud cover. as for places occasionally if filled with deluded white lighters who haven’t reached balance yet. it can be a bit over kill on the senses and can cause headaches.


Yes, I found it happened when I worked with the Ahriman current especially, also wehn I was “gestating” my demonic Child.

Dive into it, take it to the furthest point, because only by doing that will you be able to harmonise with the current, come back, and finally have mastery of both polarities.

Is my opinion and experience, fwiw. :smiley:


Yea I was hoping that there wasn’t a point that was too dark because I’m digging this shit.


I agree with Lady_Eva it’s normal


Same thing happening with me. My child almost had me influenced to curse a lady who seemed way too “pure” :sweat_smile:


" When darkness becomes your light and the light becomes your darkness"

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This love it lol

From the perspective of the path of smoke one rite within the work is to banish ALL external spiritual light from ones life for the purpose of usurping these forces back into self.

This and the extraction of the forces we call ahriman and the divs combines in your life as it is exposed to the potential of the void puts the practitioner in the position to wield or become the internal spiritual fire of personal divinity that projects light into ones life, as ahriman and the divs are all 100% darkness.

If that makes sense, dealing with post invocation effects lol.

Edit. Also i should add it isnt the most pleasant experience. Currently 1/4 of the way through this rite. Think the only reason my brain isnt rebelling too bad is cause i have alot of projects i was in the middle of, some i am starting and work has been busy as hell lmao. :rofl: and almost all drive to work with entites associated with “light” is gone atm so a few things are on hold :expressionless:


yeah just dive right in and keep going that’s what i do lol

Remember that light and dark are symbols. They are very strong and pervasive analogies, but analogies all the same. Churches and temples always act like they have a patent on the light, but they are very very wrong.
The “dark” gods are giving you guidance and protection. They are helping you resist spiritual domination while you develop towards your goals. I don’t think you have anything to be afraid of.
Be the light. Feed the darkness from your endless well of spiritual energy.

Also, fire is good. Your helpers must think you can handle aggressive energies. Be mindful, but enjoy their gifts.



I am not experiencing any of the symptoms, and I do work with some pretty “dark” forces. I can walk into the church and stay in that general area without experiencing anything odd.

I’ve been like this since before I began this work… In school the blessed ashes would burn my skin and bibles would (and still do) make me feel sick to the touch.

I believe it is just how an individuals energy reacts to the energy of JCI shit… Once I rejected the false demiurge this all happened to me.


The last time I went to a church, I felt very disoriented and shaky. I felt like I was going to start convulsing or pass out. I would also get nauseated afterwards. This has happened to me since I was a child and I only experience that when I walk in a church. Since I started my path though, those feelings have greatly amplified. I also have nothing against JCI. I just don’t connect with it and am indifferent to it.

I generally feel uncomfortable with anything white-light, life and love, and/or humanistic. Similarly, I struggle with entities and beliefs that are balanced perfectly between light and dark. I connect more with them if they are all the way to the dark end of the spectrum.

I know many people don’t understand being on one end of the spectrum. I don’t know why I am, I just am and I accept this about myself. Dark or black is my home and my connection.

Anyway, in my opinion, take it with a grain of salt… You can never be “too dark”.


I agree the darkness is mine and our home. and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I find it bizarre that the LBRP gives me a headache and makes me feel sick
but when I invoke or envoke an angel I feel perfectly fine.

Yes, i just invoked an angel earlier to check something out and I feel fine.
I think it is things of JCI that are harming me angels themselves don’t belong to these religions so thats what I imagine is going on.

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the darkness is our new kingdom. welcome here we have respect for each other and are free from controls of others. :smiling_imp:

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