Feeling nauseous

I was meditating on my demon sigil to really feel the energy from him and to practice astral projection. And I’m wondering is it normal to feel nauseous when working with a demon.

I don’t think I’d say it’s normal exactly, but I’ve noticed a couple of people mention it before, including E.A. if I remember rightly, during an Ahrimanic ritual (?). I’ve never felt nauseous but I had vertigo during invocation once.

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Ah Okay. It was pretty strong. But it immediately went away. Except my body was trembling once I got up. His energy was strong.

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@Mulberry , for those whose physiology is unaccustomed to bio-electricity, or any type of psi work at all, nausea IS a symptom, as well as dizziness, buzzing, tingling, etc. For those who are more practiced, it is less pronounced or not really noticeable at all.

Since you @ted me, I have to say that’s not correct. First of all, all (live) humans are full of bio-electricity, being bio-electric machines in the first place. What do you think nerve impulses are? So it makes no sense that they could be ‘unaccustomed to bio-electricity’.

In my experience as an energy worker, both in person and remote working to balance the qi of and build the qi of others, while it CAN be a symptom, it’s really not that common. I’ve also done dozens of activations and hundreds if not thousands of qi cultivation meditations for myself (too lazy to do it every day), and I wasn’t always very practiced, and again, was rarely nauseous.

One technical reason nausea would be a symptom is if the stomach or heart energy are very affected, but maybe not even then. Mostly I think it’s more about the energy of the daemon in question and how the difference in their energetic makeup affects you. In the same way that some make you feel hot, or cold, or laugh.

Another could be vertigo, which is why I mentioned it - if it lasts long enough can make many nauseous, like having sea sickness does. This is a secondary effect though, and for me it also lasted seconds.

Tingling and buzzing can also just mean qi is moving, no matter the capacity of your meridians - how much is flowing and meridian capacity are two different things. But the OP didn’t mention either, so that is beside the point.

I have to say that your statement is also incorrect. If one persons physiology is not adapted to psi energy. I’ve seen beginners to telepathy sick to vomiting and headaches with new use. It wears off relatively quick once the body adapts. Whether it be bio-electricity or qi or prana. When you’re introducing new vibes to a body that’s not used to it, those things can be symptoms.