Feel like nothing is working

Called on a bunch of demons. Feel like nothing has changed, there is no hint of anything I asked for happening.

The honey jar I have on the go, seems to not be doing its job…

Getting a bit frustrated :triumph: just need to vent

Look at this thread, the answers there might help you too.

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The hardest part for me was learning to give in to the experience when doing anything. This includes meditation, ritual, anything really. I have only recently seen success in my workings. I had to learn to let go when doing them if that makes sense to you.

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FYI, honey jars take a LONG time to work. Especially if the sweetening agent is honey or molasses. Sugar works faster, but less powerful results. Honey/molasses is slower, but baby, it lasts. Layer what you’re doing, have fun with it! Don’t be so attached to the results.

Honey jar + candle spells + petitions + invocations + offerings + meditation. Figure out what works. You should think of this, like most things in life, like a journey. Enjoy it. :slight_smile: