Feel a little lost, anyone?

Hey all you.

I just did a few spells in the past 1 month.

But I feel like something is not in its way but I don’t know what.

Would anyone be kind to help me with a reading?
(I don’t know if is this against the rules or not but hope that this community allows to ask for help and guide)

I can’t offer so much back just a warm thanks but that’s really from my heart.

Thank you if there is someone who would help me.

Have a nice day.

You should learn to do readings on yourself

Much better results that way

What method do you suggest ?

Tarot, runes, skrying, Oracle, vision quests, find what works best for you.

Divination is very easy to do and its something that can save ass anytime.

Would you be that kind to provide any knowledge source about this ? Thanks.

I love tarot.

Once you learn the cards it’s easy.

Should I buy a physical deck you think ?

Here you are. I’m updating this as I go.


Flipping a coin is good too.

What do you mean by that ?

They’re talking about coin divination. Its mostly good for yes/no questions

And what coin any regular and should I do anything with it before like offer it or something ?

Any regular coin would do. So long as you can distinguish heads from tails.

I just did an evocation if king paimon and tried this coin flipping q/a like thing. Well, only one of 10 questions was confusing but others well okay.